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Increase mobile app engagement and send out thousands of Push notifications. Target your audience in real-time.

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Get users back to your app with relevant Push Messages

Every app needs Push Notifications

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High volume sending

Our platforms sends out millions of messages every day. Be the first message your customers see and start sending Push Messages using our API and platform SDK’s.

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Target the right audience

Segment your audience on time and behavior and send personalized messages or announcements to specific target groups on their preferred device. 

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Maximize your reach

Push Notifications are one of the more effective ways to reach an increasing number of users, communicate with them and provide them with actionable and immediate value. 

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Analyze overall results

Test different messages and analyze message performances. Check the results and continually optimize performance to improve your results.

Reach your customers at the right time and place

Mobile Push Notifications is a high performance messaging solution for enterprises. Reach out and interact with your audience on their mobile device with instant Push notifications.

You can start sending out Push notifications using our API and platform SDK’s. Next to the high speed, our platform guarantees a high level of security and privacy.

Push Messages can be used to broadcast news, inform brand followers, send bank notifications or alert citizens. 

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Mobile Push built for Developers

Our gateway delivers your message worldwide in a matter of seconds. We have direct connections for SMS fallback and offer 24/7/365 support.

Our API documentation is available in PHP, CURL, JAVASCRIPT and C#. We offer SDK's to make implementation even easier.

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How much does a Push message cost?

Based on your SMS pricing arrangement you will pay 50% of the SMS price for the particular destination. If you have large volumes and require custom pricing? Please contact our sales department.

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Reach your customers with Campaigns on all channels

Send out Push Messages and personalised campaigns in our Campaigns app. Select just one contact or use a complete list. Write your message and reach your target audience.

Do you want to expand your reach even further? The platform is not limited to Push. You can expand your reach by adding multiple messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the conversation.

  1. Reach your audience through every channel

  2. Manage just one API instead of a separate one per channel

  3. Two-way messaging on all channels, for meaningful conversations

Multi-Channel Messaging
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Start sending mobile Push Messages

Customers using multiple messaging apps means more complex communication for companies. How do you reach your customers via the channels most convenient to them?

Increase your customers engagement by sending Push Messages and connect to all mobile channels via one Business Messaging API.

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