Reach and retain users with Push Notifications

Increase mobile app engagement and send out thousands of Push notifications. Target your audience in real-time.

Push Messaging

Send targeted Push notifications to your audience to activate users, engage customers and announce new features on their preferred device. Measure your performance and improve it over time.

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Engage your audience with Push Notifications

Improve retention, increase satisfaction

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High volume sending

Our platform is able to send out up to 3.5 million messages per 15 seconds. Start sending out thousands of Push Messages using our API and platform SDK’s.

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Target the right audience

Segment your audience on time and behavior and send personalized messages or announcements to specific target groups on their preferred device. 

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Analyze results and performance

Test different messages and analyze message performances. Check the results and continually optimize performance to improve your results.

Reach your customers at the right time and place

Push Messages is a high performance messaging solution for enterprises. Reach out and interact with your audience on their mobile device with instant Push notifications.

You can start sending out Push notifications using our API and platform SDK’s. Next to the high speed, our platform guarantees a high level of security and privacy.

Push Messages can be used to broadcast news, inform brand followers, send bank notifications or alert citizens. 

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How to start using Push Messages?

Implement our free SDK's

Deliver Push Messages to your own app or web page with our free SDK’s; available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Safari and Chrome.

Integrate our API

Integrate our API in your company environment and start sending Push Messages. You can manage devices, services, addresses and preferences, as well as send Push notifications on our Push Messages platform.

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Add multiple messaging channels

Do you want to expand your reach even further? The platform is not limited to Push. You can expand your reach by adding multiple messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the conversation.

Enable our Business Messaging API and you're ready to start spreading your message through every channel your customers use daily.

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How Push Messaging improves engagement

The Dutch public broadcasting organisation NOS uses Push Messaging to send breaking news to the users of the NOS news app, one of the most popular news apps in the Netherlands.


The Ajax soccer club uses Push Messaging to send notifications to inform users when exclusive TV content has been added, e.g. special interviews, etc.


Rabobank uses Push notifications for multiple apps. The SOS App alerts employees on system outage and it’s resolution. The MyOrder app uses Push Messages to send local notifications based on the GPS location of the user.


Emesa publishes several apps using Push services. The Aladoo and apps send messages when users win an auction, when they have been outbid, and when an auction has been completed.

Price for unlimited Push Messages

Send out smart Push notifications

Push is available in our Enterprise Plan
Monthly fee € 499
Number of Push messages / month Unlimited

Download and try our free Demo App to test our platform

Demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of our Push platform. 

Register your preferences, open the Demo App on the CM platform and start sending Push notifications. The App is available for IOS and Android.