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Buddha to Buddha

How Buddha to Buddha switched effortlessly from ‘wet’ to ‘dry’ signatures with Sign.

Buddha to Buddha atelier

Buddha to Buddha: 25 Years of Beauty and Quality

The jewelry that Buddha to Buddha has been designing for almost 25 years has been known for its beauty, its quality and its timeless design. In April Jacco Tas took the helm as CEO at this luxurious jewelry brand. One of his responsibilities is to improve collaboration in the organization. Also, the way contracts were signed had to be optimized.

“Contracts were still drawn up in the traditional manner, with a so-called ‘wet signature’”, Jacco explained. “We find the process of sending and printing contracts outdated, especially when it comes to the environment and costs. We had to increase efficiency."

Digital Signatures From A'dam to Bali

The contract signing process used to be an annoyance for Buddha to Buddha, so they started looking for alternatives. That is how they ended up with digital signatures. 

“We happen to know a few digital signature providers”, Jacco says. “Buddha to Buddha doesn’t have to sign many documents, because we don’t work with a lot of retailers. However, in order to reduce costs, it is important for us to use a signature tool.”

“Our headquarters is located in Amsterdam, but we work closely together with some of the Asian locations where production takes place. One of our employees in Bali is authorized to sign contracts and for him it’s quite handy to use digital signatures.”

"We wanted to work with a company that has a good reputation. Via online marketing, we came in contact with’s Sign. We use it mainly to sign distribution agreements. Using the ‘dry’ digital signature is a lot easier and quicker than signing the traditional way with a ‘wet signature’.”

Silver Buddha to Buddha bracelet

A Company With Expertise

The cooperation with is quite new but constructive. “The cooperation is very good indeed”, Jacco says. “Communication with other potential parties wasn’t as easy because they didn’t have one single point of contact. did, and that is working well for us”.

“It was easy enough to implement Sign, but I always get excited about new tools. There are extra options, like templates, to use Sign in the best way possible”.

Sign for Efficient Signing

Buddha to Buddha has been using Sign for a month now and the first results are showing.

“In my judgement we’ve got great first results”, Jacco says. “Contracts are being signed and send more quickly than before. It does depend on the target group though: Young people with experience in the digital world have no problem using sign, but the older people sometimes need a bit more information.”

“Sign is an easy and efficient tool to handle contracts. I would definitely recommend it to others, because it’s widely applicable and therefore useful to a lot of organizations. It is especially recommendable for signing employment contracts and to verify identity."

Buddha to Buddha bracelet

International Ambition

In the last 25 years, Buddha to Buddha has grown to be the most famous jewelry brand in The Netherlands. However, the organization has international ambitions too and is going to expand online.

“We are world-famous in The Netherlands, but it’s our ambition to expand our business across borders”, says Jacco. “At first, we are focusing on Belgium, Germany and the UK. We are trying to expand step by step”. 

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