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How Domino’s Uses WhatsApp for Recruiting

Applying for a job is as easy as sending a text to your mom.

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Benefits and Success

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Make Recruitment Quick and Easy

Slow response times or boring application processes? It's history with WhatsApp recruitment. WhatsApp is quick and easy, making it the perfect channel for candidates to get in touch with Domino’s about a job position. Goodbye long and boring application procedures; hello finding the perfect candidate for the job via WhatsApp. 

“We choose to recruit new Domino’s employees via WhatsApp, because it is the most popular channel for our target group. The integrated chatbot gives a personal feeling and connection to our brand. By a small sample, we learned that applying via WhatsApp is easier and quicker than traditional methods.” - Casper Mooyman, Head of Marketing NL, Domino’s.
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Get in Touch With the Right Candidates

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Domino’s started with WhatsApp recruitment to get in touch with more candidates. In combination with a marketing campaign, Domino’s reached out to its target group. This campaign triggers to apply via WhatsApp.

“A benefit is that the candidate can easily start the application process - it is really accessible to send a WhatsApp message. Candidates get an instant response on their messages, and instant answers to their questions. Moreover, it helps us to optimize the recruitment process.” – Marieke Groenland, Digital project manager, Domino’s.
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Automate the First Intake

The integrated chatbot automatically collects information about the candidate during the first WhatsApp conversation. By asking questions, such as what is your name, age, address and much more, a candidate profile is created and automatically stored and send to a local Domino’s store. Overall, the first intake is completely automated and optimized without losing the human touch since the chatbot is personalized as Do - Domino’s Store Manager.  

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More Applications

Since the implementation of WhatsApp, Domino’s noticed an increase in the number of applications. They experienced how WhatsApp can help to recruit more candidates with the right fit. Furthermore, WhatsApp helps to optimize their recruitment process - it became more efficient for recruiters and candidates. Applying for a job at Domino’s is quick and accessible - WhatsApp helps to engage with the right candidates via their preferred channel.  

  1. 40% increase in the number of applications

  2. 13% of total applications now via WhatsApp

  3. Optimizing the recruitment process

Find and Attract More Candidates

Start recruiting via WhatsApp today with Optimize your recruitment process, engage with candidates and increase the number of applications. Read how, or discuss the possibilities with one of our experts.

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