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The challenge to sign many contracts as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

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Innovative Signing Method

Payoffice is a back-office facilitator for employment agencies throughout The Netherlands. Jeroen Vissering, owner of Payoffice says: “Payoffice is serving dozens of clients but has only 4 permanent employees. Yet we and all our clients have to sign multiple contracts on a daily basis, like employment contracts, payroll tax statements, work-for-hire agreements and lead generation contracts. Payoffice is trying to be as innovative as possible and we try to automate as much as we can. That includes the signing of contracts.”

Sign Quickly and Smoothly

All in all, we’re talking about many contracts that need to be signed per day. Sometimes the contract still needs to be signed on the effective date. That’s why it’s a challenge to make the signing process as smooth and easy as possible.

“The question was how we were going to deal with that”, Jeroen explains. “It is really outdated to take a picture of your signature, print it out and mail it. We were looking for a way to make the signing process as smooth as possible for all our clients. That is the philosophy of Payoffice: we want to make everything as easy as possible for our employees, our clients and partners and we want to be as innovative as we can. We strive to provide everyone with the same service.”

Shared Philosophy

In our search for a quick and easy signing process, Payoffice found Sign.

“We have looked at several parties in order to improve the signing process”, Jeroen explains. “We were already familiar with, thus we also considered Sign. We chose’s Sign because of our shared philosophy: we are both always looking for new developments and new ways to automate our business. In addition, responds quickly to our questions. We like that very much as it is something that we promise to others ourselves.”

Sign: an Indispensable Solution

“We use Sign to sign all of our contracts”, Jeroen says. “One of the big advantages of Sign is, that all contracts can be signed at any time and on any device, mobile, tablet and desktop. This contributes to the flexibility that we expect and demonstrate. Sign is fully automated for our clients: they are able to sign their contracts digitally at any time.”

“The vast majority of feedback that we receive is very positive”, Jeroen says. “Sign is a good product that’s working properly. The implementation was easy and the product integrated perfectly with our own software. Occasionally an error message appears, but that’s always quickly addressed and resolved.”

When asked whether Sign solved his issue, Jeroen responded wholeheartedly: “It was well worth the investment. Dozens of documents that need to be signed are send by us daily. Without Sign that wouldn’t be doable. It wouldn’t be possible for us to do our job without Sign anymore!”

“Besides Sign, we are also quite busy developing Flexhero”, Jeroen continues. “This will help us to facilitate other aspects of the business – apart from the back-office – like payrolling and recruiting/placing job applicants. That’s how we can offer a complete service for everyone who wants to join us. Sign will be integrated in Flexhero too, which will give our platform an immediate advantage. We will hopefully be able to launch Flexhero in The Netherlands by the end of the year”, Jeroen says. 

Discover the Power of Sign

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