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About Skin Renewal

Skin Renewal is one of South Africa's leading medical aesthetic clinics, offering 19 clinics nationally. They offer a holistic approach to anti-aging treatments and skincare. They strive to offer the latest in medical technology, cosmeceuticals, and treatment offering, ensuring that every skin type can be catered for and every patient's journey is one that lasts a lifetime.

The vision of Skin Renewal employees is to transform lives by encouraging patients to optimize their health and well-being whilst looking and feeling their best.

One Family

At Skin Renewal, we place great emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with our valued patients. Our patients are an integral part of the Skin Renewal family, and together, we form a close-knit community that extends beyond the confines of our clinics. To express our gratitude for their ongoing trust in our treatments and the services we offer, we have curated an extensive loyalty program. Through this program, we offer rewards to our loyal patients, ensuring they feel appreciated and cherished throughout their journey with us. - Victor Snyders, CEO at Skin Renewal.

Skin Renewal places a high value on open and transparent communication, aiming to create personalized experiences for each patient. The clinics are dedicated to providing communication options that best suit the preferences of their patients, enabling them to engage at their own convenience and in the manner they find most comfortable and convenient.

To ensure the highest level of service, Skin Renewal has entrusted online communications to their most experienced employees. These team members boast extensive backgrounds, having not only worked but often managed various Skin Renewal clinics. As a result, they are well-equipped to provide sound advice and expertly manage patient bookings. This dedicated team goes the extra mile to cater to individual preferences and convenience, truly embodying Skin Renewal's commitment to exceptional patient care.

As a business, Skin Renewal prides itself on its bespoke nature of engagement from every consumer touch point. We communicate with every patient in the manner which best suits them, their lifestyle, and the time they have available. - Victor continues.


Challenges and Goals

In the past, Skin Renewal relied on email, live chat, and multiple branch-specific WhatsApp accounts to ensure after-hours availability for assisting patients with their queries and requests. However, with branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban, strategic management recognized the need for better visibility into key metrics, including average response time, nature, and volume of inquiries, patient satisfaction and privacy, as well as patient journey continuity. Data was handled via handheld devices, which proved to be problematic for strategic analysis.

As Skin Renewal continued to grow, they recognized the need to implement new tools. Giving patients the opportunity to engage via their preferred methods would truly benefit the entire Skin Renewal family. The wish for one platform that facilitates meaningful, real-time, and personalized conversations was born to be able to give patients the experience that they deserve.

Technology in itself is nothing, until it touches someone in a meaningful way.
- Victor.

The Solution

To address these challenges effectively, Skin Renewal made the strategic decision to leverage Mobile Service Cloud to provide national support over WhatsApp Business Platform and Google's Business Messages. Implementing Mobile Service Cloud allowed their team of employees to manage multiple conversations in one easy-to-use omnichannel inbox.

Wanting to introduce change that would be seamless and positively received by both their employees and patients was one of the most important elements to improve communication. WhatsApp Business Platform was an easy choice, thanks to its immense popularity. The choice for Google's Business Messages stemmed from the many possibilities Google offers in terms of SEO and customer insights, as well as wanting to offer patients another accessible communication channel.

When it comes to communication, we ensure we leave ‘no stone unturned’! It is imperative that we give our existing and prospective patients the opportunity to engage with us in whichever way suits them best. We also appreciate the importance of strategic analysis with every single interaction we offer, says Victor.


Let's Talk Results

Skin Renewal saw new patient engagement grow significantly with the implementation of WhatsApp Business Platform and Google's Business Messages through Mobile Service Cloud.

A few additional areas were addressed at the same time:

  • Insights: The Mobile Service Cloud offered accessibility to insights and reporting and improved and consolidated tracking of contact with patients over WhatsApp and Google's Business Messages (without losing conversation history or context).

  • Reporting: Having the use of tags for reporting purposes allowed branch-specific inquiries to be pinpointed quickly and efficiently and data to be interpreted and applied with a more effective and strategic view.

  • Segmentation: Mobile Service Cloud provided Skin Renewal with a single portal to store and analyse data. This allowed them to segment their patients into target segments and filter conversations to effectively and strategically improve the engagement with their patients.

  • Efficiency: Skin Renewal managers were equally satisfied with the Mobile Service Cloud as it gave them a personalized view of chat history – helping them avoid repetitive questions so they can resolve queries faster and ensure bookings were made that would resolve patients' concerns.

  • Personalization: With the options of message distribution in multiple languages as well as a personalized, bulk distribution offering, branches could expand their audience reach. Starting conversations and staying connected to patients in their language of preference, improved engagement and conversions. Essentially it’s about communicating with prospective and existing patients in the way that they would like to be communicated with


Lessons Learned

In view of the positive results in the implementation of Mobile Service Cloud, Skin Renewal shared their most noteworthy insights and suggestions on the ‘what's and why's’ of their successful transition:

  • A phased approach: rolling out branch by branch allowed for practical and manageable learning, in stages and along the way. Managers were able to continue to put patients first and offer a better experience through knowledge-sharing, and ultimately drive branch consultations which positively impacts the bottom line.

  • Use customized templates to respond to business needs: These elevated the level of personalization and professionalism of communication with patients and saw a marked increase in NPS.

  • Put the data and reporting to work: WhatsApp hours were aligned to the online chat hours and not just the hours that branches operate. This far improved engagement and led to more revenue as informed, trained personnel were available to assist with any queries.

  • Employ technology to respond to patient feedback: A consumer driven tool for meeting the ways in which patients choose to contact and converse.


A Like-Minded Cooperation

Skin Renewal is eager to be the market leader in the medical aesthetic space, sharing a like-minded objective with in online communications. They believe in maintaining a strong personal element to their communications, and wish to use tech to make human contact more accessible and effective.

Their relationship with is continuous and more than a once-off transaction. They will continue to up scale up in order to add value for their patients and ensure that patients benefit from the highest level of service and recognition. The platform will be used to communicate new developments, monthly promotions, and introduce staff ensuring efficient and effective patient communication. has been the perfect partner for us. Not only is the service provider reputable but the team is invested in the continued success of our business. We appreciate that the team is readily available and eager to extend our offering and ensure that we are always ahead of any new trends which may assist us in better engagement with our patients, said Victor. is as mindful as we are in achieving effective (two-way) customer communications that will last a lifetime.

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