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Stop investing in Apps! Invest in Business Messaging

Business messaging in 2020 will be quite different from what you’re used to. Different, both from a business and a consumer perspective. Questions raised on both ends are “Will you notice?” and “Will it matter?”. In both cases the answer is: “Yes, it will!” And this is how.

Customer Data Platform
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The more personalized the better, why you need a Customer Data Platform

From the very beginning of business, marketers have reached out to their community to create demand for their products and services. The larger the group of people you can reach in one placement, the more value you can get from a certain channel. The reach of marketing channels has been expanding over time; starting with newspaper ads and local radio reaching a region to new ad networks such as Facebook and Google reaching half the globe. And not only the reach is expanding, the insights into the audience, as measured in actual data about the individuals, is growing. Using this information, you can create very specific segmentations that will allow marketers to target those profiles that are highly relevant and receptive to your information.

next-gen communication
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Connect next-gen communication channels to your existing business applications

You live in the age of unlimited possibilities when it comes to customer contact. With the digitalization of the world you are able to build up a very detailed profile of your customer and get to ‘know’ your consumer very well. It’s like how the local grocery shop owner used to know his customer in person, but now on massive scale. And that’s a very good thing I think. It closes the gap between traditional quality oriented shops and online price fighters. You can add more value to the consumers by understanding their needs, and consumers are willing to pay more for better fitting services and products.

SMS campaigns dashboard
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How to say more with SMS marketing than 160 characters

Mobile marketing no longer limits you to 160 characters. You can now increase conversion and customer engagement via mobile. Go beyond the 160 characters limitation of SMS and add a rich mobile landing page. Learn just how mobile offers more opportunities than you might expect with our 7 secrets to successful SMS marketing campaigns.

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WhatsApp Business? Get in line

WhatsApp has finally opened the doors for business usage. How can I use it to the advantage of my business? What does it take for me to get on board? After reading this article, you will have no further questions and be able to start using WhatsApp Business right away!

RCS myths
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RCS: Busting the 5 biggest myths

You have probably heard the buzz around RCS. Rich Communication Services is the proclaimed follow-up of SMS and will enable companies to engage in rich conversations with their customers, without relying on third party messaging applications. Even though RCS is currently being deployed all around the world, there are still some mysteries surrounding this channel. Let’s have a look at the 5 biggest myths.
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GDPR for mobile marketing? How to get your consent right

Is May 25th, 2018 – the day the GDPR went into effect – a day you don’t particularly like to look back on? Many companies still believe it is difficult to be GDPR compliant when sending out marketing messages to customers. Quite a pity, because being GDPR-compliant can be quite easy, using this practical guide.

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How to pre-sell 80% of your event

What kind of events does your business organize? Whether it’s a festival, networking event, public event or business event. There’s not a single event organiser that wouldn’t be excited when 80% of tickets are sold in pre-sale. Let me share some of the best practices to boost your pre-sale.

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CPaaS: providing Brands access to “Programmable Telecoms”

Digital Transformation drives Brands to reach customers in real-time, via their preferred communication channels (SMS, Mail, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, RCS, etc) and support business scale-out. This can be realized by the brand’s existing systems within just minutes. How? Via a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS).