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My Techno Girl program internship at

This year, took part in the Techno Girl Program of our strategic partner UNICEF. This means two students from South-Africa were flown in to experience working life at CM for two months. In this article, Pertunia, one of the two Techno Girl interns, will share some of her experiences with you.

CM inspires event mobile customer journey
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Success now and in the future: optimize your customer journey

Many companies remain behind on the technological possibilities to improve the customer journey of new and existing customers. How do you choose between the many possibilities and ensure at the same that your customer stays central in every step of your marketing strategy? During the second edition of CM Inspires in Utrecht we saw the applications from now and later. Read here how you can easily integrate them into your marketing processes. extends sponsorship NAC
in: Blog extends sponsorship of NAC Breda

The signature under the extension of our main sponsorship of the premier league club NAC Breda has been placed. The logo of shines for the fourth season in a row on the shirts of 'the Pearl of the South'.

In this update, we want to inform you on the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.
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Platform updates: June 2018

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the CM platform. In this update, we want to inform you on the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

SMS phone opt out management
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Safeguard your company’s integrity with opt-out management

Data privacy has become a global concern for companies handling private data and using messaging channels to communicate with their consumers. Companies want to know how to manage SMS marketing campaigns with the many (country-specific) regulations. How do you make sure not to put the company’s SMS and Email compliance at risk?

The best tips for Mobile in your inbox
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Weekly tips for Mobile Growth: the best tips for mobile in your inbox

Smart mobile techniques and reliable communication channels form the base for your online success. But technology alone won’t make you win the race. You need to know exactly how your company can benefit from all mobile possibilities. That is why we are now offering concrete tips and tricks to get the most out of mobile. Mobile Growth is now launched!

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Meet our Techno Girl Interns: Documentary Episode 3

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been following Jennifer and Pertunia, our South African interns, during their internship at CM in Breda. In our last episode they shared their experience travelling abroad for the first time and we could see how they were adapting to a new culture and learning Dutch skills. This week we took them to a soccer match at NAC Breda.