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Healthy Conversations for Happy Patients

Recent years have sparked a big (technological) growth in the operational healthcare journey. In fact, 64% of EU health care providers reported that their organization had increased its adoption of digital technologies to provide virtual support for patients. But how do you adopt the right technology to help your patients? What is needed to have healthy conversations with happy patients?

Improving client experiences across the healthcare journey can truly benefit your organization. By optimizing the operational care process, you'll be able to provide relevant and timely support, reduce no-shows and operational costs and give patients a friendly experience.

So what are the important touchpoints in the healthcare journey? And how can you add value to these interactions with your patients? Let's follow our -imaginary- patient Carly in her healthcare journey.


The healthcare journey doesn't start at your facility. It starts the second a patient notices a change in their own well-being. And where do most people turn to first? That's right! Doctor Internet.

Rather than letting your patients run wild with Google searches, offering support on your own website can help to keep patients informed. Access to relevant and -more importantly- correct info is crucial. Have a chatbot answer common questions about your facility and help schedule appointments to connect patients with relevant specialists.

Our very own imaginary patient Carly found a suspicious mole on her leg and wants to know what to do about it. Luckily for her, her healthcare organization offers a chatbot on its website. After asking it some questions, the chatbot helped Carly find an available specialist and assisted in scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist.


Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

Let's say your patient has scheduled an appointment at your facility. You'll see them at the agreed-upon time; nothing else is needed, right? Wrong.

Keep Patients Informed with Appointment Confirmations

The very first thing that needs to happen after scheduling an appointment is confirming the appointment. Send your patient a personalized message with the agreed-upon time, date, and doctor. This will give your patient a chance to check the details of the appointment and make amends if needed.

In fact, be sure to send additional information so your patient can prepare for their visit and the appointment will run smoothly. Send them info on parking facilities, the walking route to the specialist, and a what-to-bring list. Perhaps even attach a questionnaire they need to fill out before coming in.

"Hi Carly, your appointment with Dr. Zack has been scheduled for March 9 at 14:00. Please bring your passport and the filled-in question form you'll find attached. Thank you!"


Reduce No-Shows with Reminders

No-shows are a big problem in the healthcare industry as they cost valuable time and resources. Send personalized appointment reminders to reduce the chances of a no-show.

"Hi Carly, this is a reminder about your upcoming appointment with Dr. Zack at 14:00 upcoming Thursday. Don't forget to bring your passport!"



Medication prescriptions, lab results, and additional or new information about the patient's well-being are important touchpoints. Patients may also have some questions after the visit.

Make sure your healthcare facility is approachable. Be present and reach out to your patients on their favorite communication channels to give them the best, personalized support needed.

"Hi Carly, we want to inform you that the lab results are now available. You can find them in your online portal. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or call us."



Of course, the patient's journey doesn't stop after their visit and treatment. Medical bills need payment, and aftercare is always appreciated. Offer the preferred payment methods of your patients on your invoices to make payments easier for them.

And don't forget to ask for feedback! The best way to improve your services starts with listening to your patients.

"Hi Carly, thank you for your visit. We'd love to hear your feedback to continue to improve our services. Can we ask you a couple of questions?"


Healthy Conversations for Happy Patients

Technology can benefit the healthcare journey of patients when utilized efficiently. Send personalized messages on the favorite communication channels of your patients to create a friendly experience. Offer easy-to-find information on your website and in appointment confirmations and reminders to keep patients informed and to make sure operations run smoothly. Which, in its turn, will also help to reduce no-shows and cut costs.

Interested to see what we can do for your facility? Download our Infographic for more information on the touchpoints of the healthcare journey or contact our experts for a demo.

Interested to see what we can do for your facility?

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