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Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival Amp up Their Fan Experience With Next-Level Marketing Automation

On the surface, Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival look like very different events: the former attracts black-clad hardcore fans from all over Europe, while the latter is aaleidoscope of dazzling Top 40 pop sunshine. It’s a pretty striking contrast for two events held just one day apart and at the same venue. But these events also have something very important in common: they are serious about creating the ultimate fan experience. Par-T, the organization behind both festivals, is amping up visitor experience with a mix of smart ticket selling and next-level marketing automation tools.

The Ultimate Festival Experience With Marketing Automation

For Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival, everything revolves around giving music lovers the best possible visitor experience during the festivals. Because the better the experience, the likelier visitors are to buy tickets again for the next edition. Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival do everything they can to fine-tune the visitor experience. That includes using marketing automation. That’s why Par-T has teamed up with They have found in us a partner who shares their proactive approach to optimizing visitor touchpoints. We also take care of implementation for them.

Ticket sales for Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival start early. So, everything has to be prepared weeks in advance. The moment the ticket sales start, thousands of people will flock to the box office. Over 10,000 fans lined up to buy tickets during the latest Harmony of Hardcore presale, for example.

The key is to give ticket buyers the best possible experience right from the start. That means optimizing the fan experience before and, of course, during the event. The event’s theme is reflected in every point of contact, from the ticket shop, to email communications, landing pages for guest lists and VIP tickets, the tickets themselves, and the online waiting room. Every color and image has to be just right. From start to finish, every touchpoint must project the event’s brand identity. All of this helps build a streamlined system of communication and service that adds value to the visitor experience.

WhatsApp VIP Flow

Par-T communicates with its visitors before, during, and after its events through their favorite communication channels. WhatsApp is an innovative solution for this. Because of this app’s overwhelming popularity, it’s an ideal messaging tool for festival organizers too.

Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival offer VIP tickets, giving superfans the chance to enjoy a unique experience and separate access to the festival. 7th Sunday Festival uses WhatsApp to make the VIP experience even more special. Together with, they developed a messaging campaign for VIP ticket holders. Now, those visitors receive messages with exclusive videos, links and audio messages before, during, and after the festival. To date, 7th Sunday Festival is the only Dutch festival to offer this kind of experience.

The WhatsApp VIP flow is triggered by actions taken by VIP visitors. For example, after their ticket is scanned at the entrance, they receive a message with information about their free locker and how to get to the VIP deck. Extras like these add a new dimension to the VIP’s festival experience.

Preordering Parking Passes and Tokens Online

Marketing campaigns help drive ticket sales for festivals, but satisfied visitors are always the best form of advertisement. For Par-T, the ultimate fan experience isn’t limited to the day of the event itself. Before and after the event, they use next-level marketing automation to enrich the visitor experience. For example, they sell parking passes and tokens online in advance so that the visitor doesn’t have to stand in line during the festival. Selling extras like these online also has an additional cashflow benefit for Part-T, because it enables visitors to spend their money earlier than they would otherwise be able to.

A Single Solution for Powerful Communication is a perfect match for festivals like Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday. In addition to our best-in-class ticketing solution, we also provide all the tools festival organizers need for next-level communication with their visitors—before, during, and after the event. Par-T uses our smart all-in-one system to give festival visitors the ultimate experience and convert them into loyal repeat visitors for future editions of Harmony of Hardcore and 7th Sunday Festival.

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