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Do You Want an Open Rate of 98% For Your Marketing Campaigns?

The success of any marketing campaign rides on your open rate. If no one opens your marketing content, then generating new business will become futile. There are a plethora of ways to influence open rates. That’s why so many A/B tests are performed on titles, images, colors, and content. But what channel is the best performer when it comes to getting eyes on your brand?

Chloë Nieuwdorp
Chloë Nieuwdorp,
Content Marketer

Marketers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of channels they use to target an audience. There are the more traditional forms, such as email, telephone calls, brochures, and posts right through to the more novel options, such as Facebook Messenger or in-app Push messaging, and so on. But which channel, or a mix of channels, would best serve your goal of conversion?  

Believe it or not, the greatest open rates are not always reached through the latest in messaging innovations. Despite all technological possibilities, good old SMS remains the channel with the highest open rates. In 2022, SMS boasts a staggering open rate of 98%. For comparison’s sake, email marketing campaigns receive a 20% open rate. 

Research conducted by SMS Comparison this year also suggests that SMS has a higher click-through rate (CTR) of 19 percent compared to email marketing, which stands at just 4 percent, and social network Facebook, at 1 percent. 

And since there are currently over 6 billion smartphone subscriptions across the planet today, SMS presents huge potential for getting eyes on your marketing content so it's a worthy channel to invest in, even in 2022

Mobile-First Marketing 

To better understand the value of SMS in creating exposure for your brand, we need to dive into the channel of mobile-first. Hardly anything is so intertwined with consumers as their mobile phones. For most, their mobile phones are the first things they look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before going to sleep.

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According to app monitoring firm’s '2021 state of mobile report', people are spending an average of 4.8 hours a day on their mobile phones, that’s a third of waking time devoted to their phones.

That helps explain why mobile is such a valuable channel to get your message seen by your target audience. And why, due to the value of mobile, many marketers are targeting this device in their fight for the customer’s attention. 

Despite the benefits of mobile, not all mobile channels are equally effective if you want your business to get noticed. Take emails, for example. As it is reliant on an internet connection, messages might be delayed or even disappear. This is where SMS provides a solution. Text messages don’t require an internet connection, meaning you can directly reach anyone who has a mobile phone. Unless they are on the subway, of course. 

SMS messages don’t need to be smart, either. They can be sent with a personalized marketing campaign, notification, or appointment reminder, and the message will be instantly delivered to your customer’s phone and seen by your target audience. Since SMS’s open rate is so high, it’s never been easier to reach your target audience via mobile.

How To Increase Your CTR 

B2B text messaging is not only an effective way to communicate with your business clientele, but it enables you to build relationships with decision-makers and offer information that helps them make better buying decisions.

Lead generation is one way B2B text messaging can increase a business’ CTR. Since many experts have said the “golden window” for responding to a lead is just five minutes, a great way to connect with leads quickly is to create a sign-up form on your website so visitors can opt-in to your SMS marketing list. Once you have an audience, you can schedule text messages or configure auto-reply messages, so your leads don’t need to wait for a response.

What You Can Do With SMS

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that SMS is an outdated marketing channel. However, despite its age, SMS has continued to evolve over the years, and is still ripe for potential. It’s a fast, impactful, and reliable way to globally communicate the right message to the right person at the right time. Here are just some of the benefits SMS marketing can bring your organization that you might not already be aware of: 

SMS Is Targeted & Impactful

SMS is personal and focused resulting in high open and click-through rates. This increases the success of campaigns for use cases like reminders, order updates, and marketing.

SMS Is Ubiquitous

By using standardized telecommunication protocols that are not reliant on data, apps, email servers, or specific software, you can reach almost anyone, anywhere around the world. And SMS can seamlessly integrate with other conversational channels too!


SMS Is Simple & Accessible

SMS is an incredibly accessible and useable communication channel as it is easy to read and understand for people of all ages and technical abilities.

SMS Is Easy to Implement, Manage and Track

SMS is efficient, simple to set up and use, and has an almost immediate impact. And the results can be easily analyzed to refine campaigns.

Discover the Power of SMS

Are you curious about the possibilities of SMS for your marketing campaigns? Contact our team of SMS experts (we're in the business since 1998) and learn how SMS and other forms of mobile marketing can help you reach your goals. 

Do you want to use SMS as a marketing channel?

Chloë Nieuwdorp
Chloë Nieuwdorp,
Content Marketer
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As a content marketer for our marketing and sales community, Chloë shares a lot of interesting content regarding these topics.

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