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Make life easier for your customers with the most popular payment method from Poland. BLIK is in their app!

BLIK payments

What is BLIK Payments

BLIK is the most popular mobile payment method in Poland. It enables your customers to pay easily and quickly in online shops and on POS terminals in shops.

Payment cards and (e-)wallets are not needed when paying with BLIK. All that is needed is a phone with internet access and a bank app.

That's right! BLIK is incorporated in all major Polish bank apps. Currently more than 90% of the Polish financial institutions support BLIK Payments in their apps.

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BLIK payment method

BLIK Payments | How Does It Work

BLIK offers the so-called BLIK code. It is a one-off, 6-digit code, which can be found in their bank app. Using the code will start the payment.

Your customer can select BLIK as a payment option in the checkout. A BLIK code will be generated in their banking app. Your customer can enter the code online and continue the payment.

BLIK implemented in mobile banking apps

Advantages of BLIK

BLIK offers a fast and convenient way to pay, which makes life easier for your customers and for you. Everything happens in the safe environment of the bank app.

BLIK is the most popular payment method in Poland and with good reason!

  1. Available to more than 16 million Polish users

  2. Supported by more than 95% of Polish mobile banking apps

  3. Familiar, safe, and secure for the customer

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