Klarna is a flexible payment solution, which allows your customers to shop and pay later, where and when convenient.

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Klarna lets customers pay within 14 (or 30) days after having placed their order. The actual payment is done online through the Klarna app or -customer portal. Klarna payments are guarenteed regardless of whether the payment has been received.

The ordering process is efficient and only takes a few seconds to complete. The customer selects the Klarna payment method in the checkout, fills out a few details and places the order. The customer pays when and where convenient from their own Klarna account.

Over 35 million consumers have been using this payment method for online shopping.

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Volume Discount >2,000 Transactions p/m - On Request

We charge processing costs and payment method costs for each transaction. You only pay for successful transactions. There are no hidden fees involved.

Payment method costs: Klarna contract

Processing cost: € 0.14

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Certified Payment Provider

As collecting payment service provider based in the Netherlands, CM.com complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.

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Worldwide Reach With Over 60 Currencies

Receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience. We enable you to receive payments in more than 60 different currencies.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

CM.com has support personnel on-site 24/7. Our analysts are continuously monitoring security, performance and connections to suppliers and customers from our Network Operations Centre.

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