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What is P24?

Przelewy24, or P24 for short, is a local Polish payment method. In Poland 80-90% of the online payments are done via bank transfer, making it the most popular payment method. P24 makes it possible for Polish customers to pay online, via Polish banks, international credit cards and various other payment methods.

P24 offers immediate payment confirmations and thus protects you from chargebacks by customers. The payments are also securely authenticated using Przelewy24 3D-secure. This makes P24 ideal for online shops.

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P24 payment method

Przelewy24 | How Does It Work

Your customers can select Przelewy24 as the payment option in the checkout of your webshop. After selecting their bank, they will be passed through to their online banking app where they will approve the payments.

The payment is confirmed immediately and is guaranteed. No chargebacks, no stress.

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Advantages of Przelewy24

With 91% of the users in Poland recognizing and trusting the Przelewy24 brand, it's safe to say that P24 is a popular online payment method, and with good reason!

  1. Familiar, safe, and secure for the customer

  2. One of the most popular local payment methods

  3. 100% guaranteed payout, no chargeback risk

  4. Provides support for bank transfers through most Polish banks

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We charge processing costs and payment method costs for each transaction. You only pay for successful transactions. There are no hidden fees involved.

Payment method costs: 1.9%

Processing cost: € 0.14

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As collecting payment service provider based in the Netherlands, complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.

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