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SoftPOS for Mobile and Contactless Payments

Easily convert mobile devices into payment terminals and start accepting payments right away.

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What is SoftPOS

Without the costs of traditional hardware, the SoftPOS app allows merchants to easily convert an Android device (PDA, smartphone, or tablet) into a secure payment terminal. The app is affordable, easy to use and therefore accessible for merchants of all sizes.


POS Payments Made Easy

No more hassle with hardware and service contracts. Just download the SoftPOS app in the Google Play store on your Android device and start receiving contactless payments whenever and wherever.

Ready to Innovate?

  1. Future-proof towards a cashless society

  2. Supports payments over €50

  3. Less cash, quicker and safer payments

  4. Compliant with the security standards of Visa and Mastercard


Easy and Accessible Payments, Whenever and Wherever

Hospitality & Leisure

No more dragging around hardware. Free up your hands and free up your bar space. Even free up your tables faster by bringing the payments terminal to the customer.

Parks & Museums

Why have people line up for the cash register if you can easily bring the cash register to them? Transform mobile devices into cash registers and avoid any queuing.


Enable your sales team to turn conversations into direct conversions. Conduct payments on the spot in the aisles or fitting rooms. Peak moment? Easily scale up by adding more mobile devices.

Taxi & Home Delivery

Provide your client with the certainty of delivery, and yourself with the certainty of payments. Always and everywhere connected, without expensive hardware.

How Does SoftPOS Work

When opening the app, you can easily enter the purchase amount of the item you wish to receive a payment for. After confirming the purchase amount, the app automatically opens the payment solution.

The customer pays by tapping their card - or phone in case of Google Pay or Apple pay - at the back of the Android device. The app also supports payments above €50. Customers can safely enter their PIN on the device or approve the payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Only 3 Technical Requirements:

Android 9.0 or Higher

Your device needs to have an Android system of 9.0 or higher to be compliant with the SoftPOS app.

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is required for the app to process all mobile payments.

NFC Enabled

Your device must have Near Field Communication enabled to communicate contactless.

Integrate SoftPOS With Cash Register Software

By integrating the SoftPOS app into your cash register software, you enable both orders and payments on one device, your device. Simply place your customers' orders and let them pay instantly.

More About Cash Register

AXI is prepared for the future with Soft-POS by CM.com

AXI leverages CM.com's SoftPOS app, so retailers can offer their customers a better shopping experience.

Accept Payments with CM.com

Certified Payment Provider

As collecting payment service provider based in the Netherlands, CM.com complies with all safety rules and technologies for a secure online payment system.

Worldwide Reach With Over 60 Currencies

Receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience. We enable you to receive payments in more than 60 different currencies.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

CM.com has support personnel on-site 24/7. Our analysts are continuously monitoring security, performance and connections to suppliers and customers from our Network Operations Centre.

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