Jamezz - The Order App for Hospitality

Digital butler grows into prominent ordering platform thanks to high-quality service and secure payments.

Jamezz Is the Digital Extension for Businesses

By responding to the wishes and needs of entrepreneurs and linking the extensive ordering app to a safe and fast payment system, Jamezz has developed from a local QR ordering application for the hospitality industry to the digital extension of companies worldwide. 

Online Payments Platform

Grand Growth Ambitions

"We want to become the biggest and best ordering platform in the world." Jamezz-CTO Sander Aerts laughs, but he is serious. In 2017, they started developing a solution to simplify the ordering and checkout process in the hospitality industry. The result was Jamezz, the digital butler that allows customers in the hospitality industry to order and checkout via smartphone. "I dare say that we now have one of the better platforms in place worldwide. Over 5 million orders were made through Jamezz last year, we have grown 1000 percent and the ambition for now is to keep developing."

Upsell is Easy

Today, Jamezz is considered a widely applicable and innovative ordering platform. It is the foundation for webshops, all-you-can-eat tablets and order pillars. The QR application, which can be fully customized by entrepreneurs, is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. "What it mainly does is generate extra turnover," says Aerts. "Take the tipping functionality as an example, that is usually higher than if one would just checkout.

But it also applies to orders. Consumers take more time to look at the menu. They are therefore more inclined to order something different than they would normally. This is because the traditional mode of operation forced them to make a choice rather quickly.

It is also easier for entrepreneurs to do upsells via Jamezz. For example by suggesting pastries with coffee or a snack with a beer. That kind of upsell is fully configurable: The pastries can be offered in the morning, a sandwich around lunch and a (fried) snack from late afternoon. This is all easily managed and set up from the back office. "


Suitable for Everybody

Although originally designed for the hospitality industry, Jamezz now sees other industries using the software they developed. Technically, it can be used to sell any product. "The starting point from day one has been that our solution should be simple to use and at the same time flexible and complete. From that philosophy, we can eventually be an extension for every entrepreneur, even outside the hospitality industry. A good example is a petfood business that uses Jamezz. The fact that it can also be a solution for those target groups is something we find very cool."

CM.com as Preferred Supplier

When Jamezz started in 2017, the market was not quite ready for the innovation they brought. But no worries! The ease of use caused them to grow quickly. The "contactless" world of 2020 made Jamezz take flight. "It turned out to be the solution that allowed many companies to continue to serve their guests quickly, efficiently and safely.

Today, our organization consists of 16 people and is active in ten countries. We work for a wide range of companies; from cafes and restaurants to zoos and vacation parks." With that growth, also across the border, came the need for a payment provider that is as simple, flexible and reliable as Jamezz itself. A provider that supports all possible payments, from iDEAL to Bancontact or credit cards. "We have been in contact with CM.com for a long time, but especially in the past year the cooperation has intensified with the deployment of CM.com Payments.

Although we also work with other payment service providers, CM.com is our 'preferred supplier'. There are several reasons for this. Quality comes first and CM.com is a flexible and reliable partner that can quickly and easily connect Jamezz users through its own signup page. It's important for us that we speak the same language and understand each other's ambitions. This ensures a high quality collaboration." 

Jamezz stand alone

Optimized Service Pioneers

CM.com understands technology and also understands that Jamezz uses this technology to take the hospitality experience to the next level for guests, staff and owners alike. "By 'the same language' I mean on the one hand that we come from the same region, that definitely helps. But above all, we agree on the idea that innovation needs continuous development and anticipation of new developments. We want to be ahead of the customer's expectations. CM.com understands that."


Our Partner for Payments and SMS

This already led to some ongoing collaborations, for example at the Apenheul. With the SMS solution of CM.com, Jamezz makes sure that consumers receive an SMS message as soon as their order (previously made using Jamezz) is ready at a certain restaurant. "That way they don't have to stand in line. We explore these kinds of possibilities together by maintaining an open dialogue and exchanging ideas in a pleasant way. We believe in working together to achieve the best possible service. That is the only way we can stay ahead and continue to grow."

Accept Online Payments With CM.com

Want to learn more about accepting online payments through the CM.com payment platform? Learn more about our local and global payment methods and solutions.

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