Digital Signing Integrated with Maxlead Software

The customers of Ploeg Kozijnen sign their contracts wherever and whenever they want with Sign, integrated with Maxlead.


Customers Are Asking for Sign

More and more companies are using digital signatures, and they expect their software suppliers to enable digital signing. That is something Coen Hilgersom of marketing agency Maxlead in Oegstgeest noticed lately too. Coen is the lead developer and the technical point of contact for customers. He’s developing customized lead management applications. “One customer specifically asked for’s Sign, so we looked into it and realized that this tool is interesting for a lot of other customers too.”

Sign is integrated in our application

Maxlead has developed a software solution that enables customers to follow up on their leads and manage them. “Our solution is tailor-made and is also used by some companies as CRM system”, Coen says. “They use the tool for instance to send quotations or agreements. These are documents that need to be signed. After that, they are automatically attached to the correct file.”

Ploeg Office

Digital Signing Is Gaining Popularity

“Lately, digital signing has become more popular”, Coen says. “One customer asked us specifically to Sign, but there were more customers who wanted to sign digitally. Most of them already had a tool for digital signing, but not one that was integrated with our lead management application. Sign is, and that’s why it’s an interesting tool for a lot of customers.” Eventually, Maxlead might start using Sign too. “It would be a great solution to use in our own environment too in the near future.”

Flexible System That Offers Many Options

In his role at Maxlead, Coen has been closely involved in the implementation of Sign. He was pleased with the personal guidance he received from the team, but with all his experience as an all-around software developer, he also saw room for improvement. “Sign is a flexible system that offers a wide range of possibilities. During the implementation, you must follow quite a few steps. I can imagine that a less experienced person will encounter difficulties and might not even want to use all functionalities. It might be a good idea to create an extra, easy-to-implement API for files that aren’t that complex.”


Standard Quotation Document

Maxlead’s customers are happy about the possibilities that Sign offers. But in Coen’s experience, they sometimes expect too much. “Sign works very well if you need signatures, initials, or date stamps. But some customers want signatories to insert checkmarks, or they want to add extended questionnaires. That’s not what Sign has been created for. And that’s what I try to explain to customers: make sure you’ve got a standard quotation document. That works perfectly well.”

Plastic Window Frames

Ploeg Kozijnen is one of Maxlead’s customers that uses Sign. The company’s modern production facility is located in Nieuw-Vennep. From there, they distribute their goods including plastic window frames, doors, sliding doors, and dormers for residential construction.

Connie van der Hoorn is a marketing and communication advisor at Ploeg Kozijnen and is responsible for the leads. She registers leads in the Maxlead tool, using Sign since mid-June 2021.

“In 2016, we’ve made it possible for our customers to sign orders digitally using a separate solution. The main reason for us to switch to Sign, was that Sign can be implemented in our Maxlead CRM package using an API.”


Super Excited

The switch to Sign went very well, Connie says. “Maxlead took care of the implementation of the lead management tool. When Sign was implemented, it was easy to get started with Sign. It is very user-friendly and easy to comprehend. My colleagues were a bit hesitant about this change because we were quite busy at that time. I’ve written a short manual for our employees which made it very easy for them to start using Sign. They are now super excited”, she concludes.

Discover the Benefits of Sign

Are you excited about the implementation of Sign with an API too? Please feel free to contact our sales staff. They will be happy to answer your questions!

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