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Digital Signing for Softwarepartners

Use Sign as a web app or via the API in your software environment and integrate the signing process in your software. 

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Sign Softwarepartners

Solutions for Softwarepartners

Benefits for ISV & integrationpartners

Unlimited number of users

Use Sign with an unlimited number of users, without additional costs, via our API or web application. 

White label

Your customers have the option to format and send documents in their own look and feel.

Quick results

Thanks to a seamless onboarding process, your customers will be able to send their documents within the hour.

Fair use policy

Softwarepartners benefit from a fixed price for partners and only pay for documents that have been fully signed.


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Only with Sign

Digital signing is easier than you’d think. With Sign you can easily send PDF and Word documents to co-signers who can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. Once signed, contracts are time-stamped and secured with a certificate. 

Complete agreements faster, close more deals and increase sales. Automate the entire contract process and securely manage how and where you centralize your documents.

  1. Only pay for documents that have been fully signed.

  2. Get contracts signed 70% faster than before. 

  3. Pay per document, not per signature.

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What our partners say

The system is very straightforward; our programmer could easily work with it. The same goes for the end-users: they find Sign very simple, pleasant and intuitive to use. Actually, it is quite difficult not to understand Sign.

LIFT Software

Sign plays an important role in the placement of candidates. We use it for our recruitment and staffing software. We experience Sign as a very flexible product; it works extremely easily and intuitively.


Many people do not even have a printer in their home. The traditional printing, signing and sending of a contract is then not possible. The signing process with Sign is fast and accurate. The digital signing including sending takes less than two minutes.


The use of Sign is very transparent and simple. There are no hidden costs and the customer pays according to usage.


Digital signing fits in this time period and we want parents to sign the contract when and where they want. For us, it is important to keep track of the status of contracts and signing. Sign provides that well.


Gebruik Sign via Software of API


Web-Based interface

The web-based version of Sign is very easy to use. Within a couple of minutes you can create a Sign account and be able to start sending your first documents to be signed.

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API Integration

Through the API, it is possible to integrate Sign into your own software. Companies in many different industries are taking advantage of this to provide a great, integrated signing experience.

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