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RecruitNow & WhatsApp

RecruitNow commands a a leading position in the Dutch recruitment software industry, thanks to its groundbreaking product - Cockpit ATS. By combining Cockpit with the versatile communication channel WhatsApp, they optimized the hiring process, response times and engagement.

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RecruitNow: Revolutionize Digitalization in Staffing

RecruitNow is a rapidly growing Dutch scale-up, distinguishing itself in the staffing industry with its advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS), named 'Cockpit'. With a dedicated team of 60 professionals, they have successfully cultivated a broad customer base of over 185 clients, which continues to grow consistently.

RecruitNow merged with zvoove Group, a company that provides digital solutions tailored for staffing throughout Europe. This strategic alliance merges the local proficiency of RecruitNow with the continental mastery of the zvoove Group to revolutionize the digitalization of staffing in Europe.

Effective Engagement Through WhatsApp

As an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), RecruitNow thrives on providing impactful solutions that bring positive changes to their clients' recruitment processes. One specific area of focus for many of RecruitNow's clients is engaging with dormant candidates - potential employees who exist within their databases, but whose current professional status or openness to new opportunities may be uncertain. Traditional methods like emails or phone calls have not fully managed to bridge this gap.

That's when RecruitNow decided to embrace the power of WhatsApp. Recognizing its role as a direct and informal communication channel, they saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between recruiters and potential candidates. With the introduction of WhatsApp, recruiters could now send messages to candidates' personal devices, ensuring immediate reach and better accessibility. Busy potential employees no longer had to worry about missed calls or overlooked emails; they could respond at their convenience, even after work hours.


Cockpit and WhatsApp: A Dynamic Duo for Success

In a job market teeming with opportunities, the race to secure talent is intense. For RecruitNow, the challenge was clear - responding promptly to candidates' queries and ensuring a seamless journey from application to placement. Given the importance of follow-up time, with the period between application and follow-up proving to be crucial, they knew they needed to sharpen their processes. In an entirely digital world and an increasingly tight labor market, the continuous race to secure talent demanded precision, agility and speed.

Enter Cockpit, the game-changing Applicant tracking system (ATS), and WhatsApp, the versatile communication channel. By harnessing the synergy between these two, RecruitNow transformed the candidate journey. Candidates now received personalized updates, interview schedules, and job opportunities directly on their WhatsApp, ensuring instant attention and engagement.

Cockpit empowered recruiters to send out custom-tailored messages with ease, propelling efficiency to previously unparalleled levels. What made a lasting impression was the noticeable reduction in reaction times. The immediacy of WhatsApp, complemented by the potent capabilities of Cockpit, streamlined communication throughout the application process. No longer did applicants need to query for information—updates were now swift, interview appointments arranged quickly, and pertinent news shared with precision. This transformation didn't merely speed up the process—it enhanced the entire experience.

Integrating WhatsApp into our ATS Cockpit has equipped our clients with a tool that efficiently bridges the gap between dormant candidates and opportunities. It's not just an advancement, it's a leap in candidate engagement for our clients." - Rob van Arnhem, Chief Operations Officer at RecruitNow



Our clients reaction time has decreased by 50%. Twice as fast as before.

Our clients have experienced a +5 increase on the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Recruiter efficiency has tripled.

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