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Robiquity automates client processes in partnership with using the suite of software solutions.


With's partner program, companies can offer products and services to their clients. Robiquity has been working with since the end of last year. CEO Tom Davies tells us how the product portfolio has opened up new opportunities for their business.

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Automation nation

“The difference since partnering with is night and day.”

“Robiquity is a service provider in the intelligent automation market,” explains Tom, “we partner with software vendors and use their technology to deliver automation solutions for our clients in a variety of industries, including retail, financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. We’ve been around for five years and we’re fairly well-established in the UK, but we’ve also expanded globally into the US and the Middle East.

The opportunity

Robiquity’s early work was all about automating back-office processes, but Robiquity’s ambitions lie way beyond simple, repetitive processes. Tom and his team are keen to explore the potential of smarter technology solutions to automate more complex tasks.

“As an organization that chooses its partners very carefully, we wanted to work with a team who could provide us with the skills that allowed us to deliver broader, deeper automation for our clients. We were always looking for a partner in the Conversational AI space because we really see an opportunity for it.

“Conversational activity allows us to not only automate more complex processes, it allows us to knit processes together that sometimes need human intervention – whether that's to escalate, or ask for more information – so it was a process of careful selection that brought us together with to fill that gap for us.

“’s conversational agent can be talking to our automated processes, with those processes presenting the information back by gathering data from a variety of systems. It’s so much neater and more efficient than a human having to log into all these different systems, extract it all into a spreadsheet to try and make sense of it all, and then present the information back to the customer when they say, for example, ‘where’s my sofa delivery?’”

Tom Davies, Chief Executive Officer

“The technology absolutely ticks the box, the relationship with - absolutely great. It's only the start. I just see it going from strength to strength.”


From the outset, Tom was clear Robiquity needed a partner in the conversational AI space, but what was it that made him choose

“From the technology side, any partner we choose has got to meet a need that we see from a market perspective and to enhance the skills that we have internally – they're the must-have necessities for us to be successful. With, that’s done and dusted.

“Then it comes down to strong, honest and transparent relationships where we work together for the client's benefit to sell more business. We've already established that element and it's working really well, but it's only the start. From a relationship perspective, I expect to see that grow as we do more business and we're allowed to see more of each other. The technology absolutely ticks the box, the relationship is absolutely great. It's only the start, so I just see it going from strength to strength.”

Reflecting on 2020

Like many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges and opportunities for Robiquity and Tom is positive about the questions it’s forcing businesses to ask themselves. 

“Robiquity made the conscious decision not to let anyone go. The positive aspect of it is that it strengthened the whole team ethic. We had the foresight to recognize that the pandemic was probably going to accelerate the need for automation-type technologies.

 “Now and in the future, there's going to be a lens on certain businesses that says, ‘Why are we working like this? Why on Earth are we asking people to get in a car, drive to an office to perform highly repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, only to get back into their car and sit in traffic in order to get home again at the end of the day?’

“That's not to say, 'Let's slash jobs and replace these people with software robots.' The best conversation we're having with clients is where we're saying, 'Can you now rethink your business? Can you think about your business in terms of the human skills that you can invest in and deliver everything else through some form of automation?’

“That allows you to really nail down really specific careers around the things that humans do best: empathy, service, design, and ingenuity for example.

“In all industries, we're seeing that pivot. The positive of COVID – if there is one – is that it's accelerated that thinking.”


“It comes down to strong, honest and transparent relationships where we work together for the client's benefit to sell more business”

The future is AI

“Conversational AI is the growth technology for our business. Everything is moving into a more intelligent space. If we think about a robot as a digital worker, it needs these new skills: it needs to be able to see, it needs to be able to hold conversations, it needs to be able to read, it needs to be able to think and make decisions."

“There’ll be some clients that adopt it and embrace it and go to the extremes of intelligence very quickly. Others will go more slowly. I think there's definitely a shift to the cloud. You’ll have human workers working remotely or coming into the office, warehouse, or contact center and you'll be provisioning additional skills from the cloud. You may even be provisioning skills on-demand, almost like a utility."

“Things have worked really well from the start of our relationship with I've heard nothing but positive things in terms of the quality of the training and support. The feedback has been brilliant, so the relationship worked for us from an early stage."

 “We've got live opportunities coming through on various accounts that look like they could use these powered solutions and I don't get that sense of, 'where would we start?' I think we're going to be able to start delivering these solutions in anger really soon and we’re in a great position to do so thanks to the level of support.”

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