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Introducing Texter: a new way of testing your SMS routes

On May 4th, we’ve introduced a completely new way of testing global SMS delivery and SMS routes. Now, you can guarantee the quality of messaging routes without having to deal with fake DLR’s, grey routes and white listed test nodes. That’s because CM’s Texter tests the reliability of messaging routes with live nodes.

Whitelisting of mobile numbers gives a distorted view of message delivery rates and route quality. This results in customers losing trust in their service provider and therefore in companies losing customers. So to prevent white listing, SMS testing tool Texter uses live nodes the verify if the SMS message is delivered. To generate live nodes, consumers worldwide can install an app which allows them to make a little money in return for letting aggregators and operators use their phone as a live testing node. 


At the time of writing this article, over 2900 consumers have already installed this app. This means a coverage of live nodes in 112 countries and 322 operators. Because of this community of test nodes, you’re able to use phones all over the world for testing routes and guaranteeing the best quality of SMS messages. And because new people keep (un)installing, whitelisting is impossible. Moreover, the use of Texter’s ID code is hard to grasp for current algorithms, further limiting the risk of whitelisting. “Texter is created for aggregators, MNO’s, MVNO’s and basically every company with the need to test the quality of SMS routes,” product manager Kristina Ristovska-Vidakovic explains. “Where they normally would face issues like grey routes, fake test results due to whitelisting and fake DLR’s, these issues are solved. This not only benefits CM as a telecom company, but is now also available to our partners, suppliers and clients. Texter has a dynamic database, aggregating real-time results from mobile phones instead of a SIM box. And companies that want to benefit from this, can easily integrate Texter using our API.”

Want to know more about CM’s new product Texter? Go to or contact product manager Kristina Ristovska-Vidakovic to get started with Texter. 




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