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Generative AI Engine

Elevate Performance and Scale Your Business

An AI knowledge center to assist agents, develop out-of-the-box chatbots, and generate marketing content.

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One Source Of Truth

Create consistent interactions and information across the whole organisation with one knowledge centre

Reduce Workload

Automate answers and provide suggestions to reduce employee workloads and alleviate stress

Unlimited Content Generation

Generate and personalize content for each individual customer to increase engagement and conversion rates

An AI Assistant For Everyone

Our Generative AI Engine is an AI assistant that supports employees. Powered by LLMs, it connects your business's knowledge sources into one source of truth and functions as the cognitive hub to our Engagement Platform, empowering your team to elevate performance and scale your business.

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It Doesn't Get Any Easier

  1. Upload your own knowledge sources
  2. Personalize to your own tone of voice
  3. Let Generative AI do the magic
  4. Control and fine-tune when necessary

Enhance CX Across Service & Marketing

Our Generative AI Engine integrates with all our CX applications via one connection. This means your knowledge sources and tone of voice will seamlessly flow across content in all solutions.

Why Work With's
Generative AI Engine?

No need to bring your own LLMs

Your data will not be used to train LLMs

No hallucinations or prompt injections

No PII is shared with our LLMs

LLMs hosted in Europe

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