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Like no other, we understand what's going on in the music & live event market. With over 100 years of experience within our awesome team, our number one priority is to take your mobile event experience to the next level with our innovative tools.

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The Ultimate Event Experience at Museumnacht Amsterdam

Discover how Museumnacht Amsterdam stayed in touch with their fans before, during, and after the event.


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A Smooth Buying Experience With Ticketing

Arranging ticketing is probably the last thing on your to do list. With our easy to use ticketing system, you'll have your store set up in no time and even better, fully branded in your own design so you're already getting your visitors into the vibe of your event. The great news is that you can start right away, it's completely self-service!

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    Analyze all data in one dashboard that updates every 10 seconds

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    Offer a smooth experience with a mobile-friendly shop

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    Increase revenue with upselling and cross-selling opportunities

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    Use our app for scanning and turn your phone into a scanner

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Next Level Marketing With 1:1 Communication

Extend the analog experience by providing a top-notch mobile experience before, during and after the event. Surprise your visitors with 1:1 communication via SMSemail and WhatsApp completely based on their behavior and preferences. So no boring newsletters, but exclusive offers for sponsors, personalized timetables and even pre-recorded voice messages from their favorite artist. 

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    Get to know your fans by collecting data and grow your fanbase

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    Automate your communication via workflows and chill afterwards

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    Get your fans in the vibe by sending branded e-mails and pages

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Event App For Year Round Engagement

The event app is for many festival-goers their holy source of information. So you better make it a good one! Drive their experience with year-round fun and valuable content in a completely branded app. Grab the attention with push notifications, offer a personalized newsfeed and timetable, use a dynamic map of your site, integrate a ticket wallet and more!

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    Manage everything through a dummy-proof CMS

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    Provide your sponsors with mobile brand visibility

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    Gather visitors data and turn this into valuable insights

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    Receive your app in only a few weeks

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Payments to Boost Your Revenue

We have the whole package! From ordering to paying, we offer several innovative software tools that facilitate this. The good news is that it works on both mobile phones and old school terminals. So you are flexible and able to scale up at peak times.

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    Give visitors a choice to order and pay mobile or at the bar

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    Receive all orders and payments on one platform

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    In the meantime, collect the data of the mobile orders

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    No investment needed - just rent the required hardware with us

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