AXI Offers Better Shopping Experience with SoftPOS

AXI leverages's SoftPOS app, so retailers can offer their customers a better shopping experience.

Prepared for the Future

The Breda-based company AXI works for customers in various sectors such as government, healthcare and retail.

Mike Snepvangers, Commercial Director Retail at IT service provider AXI, ensures that customers such as De Bijenkorf, Intratuin, NS Stations and Pets Place are ready for the future.

Retail Trends and Developments

The retail sector is facing major changes. It is important for AXI to be up to speed with the latest trends and developments and support its customers. At the moment, two trends stand out, Mike observes.

"Consumers want to do more themselves, such as scanning products and paying directly without having to involve a sales representative. This is what we call 'customers becoming cashiers'." Moreover, the commercial director sees that retailers want staff to be more present on the store floor."

That way, they are closer to customers to give advice and can also handle other processes, such as counting stock or receiving deliveries."

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From PDA and Cash Register

Store personnel are using PDAs to count stock or receive and record deliveries. AXI chooses to expand the logistics functionality on that PDA with a cash register functionality, so that store personnel can also handle payments.

Until now, this was done with a separate device, Mike explains. And that is what his retail clients wanted a solution for. 

To Everything on a Single Device

"Having one device to record the transaction and another to handle the payment is not practical. Retailers want to see the staff on the store floor, but not equip them with all kinds of devices.

The staff must have their hands free and be able to help the customer effectively. The SoftPOS app allows you to do everything on one PDA and I truly consider this to be a disruption."

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Enhance Customer Experience with SoftPOS Payments

Besides convenience for the staff and a better service, retailers can also realize cost savings with SoftPOS. Setting up a full, physical cash register is a fairly costly undertaking, Mike knows.

"That requires a lot of equipment: a PC, two screens (customer display and cashier display), a scanner, an EFT terminal. You can now cover all of that with just a single device via the SoftPOS app." Furthermore, as a retailer, you show that you are innovative."

That's how you increase the customer experience. People no longer have to stand in line at the checkout, and you process the transaction right from the sales conversation. Perfect."


Innovative Retailers

Mike expects that the solution offers with its SoftPOS app will be fully established within three years or so. "In the short term, I expect this to take flight first in settings where mobility is already much more present.

Think of home delivery and the hospitality industry, for instance when taking orders on a terrace. From our own customer base I also expect that a number of innovative retailers will want to start working with this. Naturally, the sales environment has to lend itself to it, but if it does, they will certainly be open to it." 

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Smooth Implementation

AXI looks back on a smooth implementation of the SoftPOS app. According to Mike, the developers were very enthusiastic about the ease with which the integration was realized. He is therefore very pleased with the collaboration with

"We've known them for a while. They are a nice, sympathetic and successful company that is very innovative. Innovation is also very important in our strategy, so that creates a strong connection. It also helps that is literally around the corner. We know the people who work there, it's easy to drop by and exchange ideas, trends and developments.

We can see that is really on the move and that's fantastic. The fact that is now even sponsoring F1 at Zandvoort, shows that the company has strong international ambitions, and that's great to see." 

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