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Under the guise of "see first, pay later" Billink deploys iDIN to allow customers of online shops to pay afterwards.

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iDIN: see first, pay later

Billink offers customers the option of paying afterwards to provide the web shop owner and the consumer with the certainty that, on the one hand, payment will be made and, on the other, that the product ordered will actually be delivered. The slogan 'first see, then pay' sums it up briefly but powerfully. The head office of Billink is located in Rotterdam. Together with iDIN Billink offers a unique solution. 

From automatic credit check to iDIN

When customers place an order through Billink, the system performs an automatic credit check. In some cases consumers do not pass the credit check, without actually being insufficiently creditworthy. This may be because they have recently moved or have recently turned eighteen. At that moment iDIN can still perform a verification, so that many of these consumers can still place an order. 

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Safe and secure through your own bank

Billink chose iDIN to solve this problem as much as possible. iDIN is a service developed by banks. As with iDEAL, the user selects his or her bank and then logs in there in the same safe and trusted way as through their own bank:

  1. Identifying oneself;

  2. To log in;

  3. Confirming their age.

Together for certainty and ease of use

Since June 2020, Billink and have been working together by jointly offering iDIN to Billink's customers. is one of nine identity service providers offering iDIN to organizations.

Billink's choice to implement iDIN together with was an easy one according to Frank Waagmeester of Billink: "The contact has been fine from the beginning, the account management is good and the technical documentation is clear. The most important benefit, however, is the potential expansion of the cooperation with's other services, such as the payments links they offer."

From this collaboration, the added value of iDIN for consumers is clear. The security and ease of use for the consumer are very important and lead to great results. 

iDIN as a fine additional option

The first results are very positive and Billink customers are happy with this additional option.

"It is a great advantage that iDIN can be used anywhere, without the need for a copy of a passport, for example. Implementation was quite easy, only we would have liked to be able to manipulate the dummy data in the test implementation of iDIN, so that with different input data can be tested," said Frank.

Versatile verification method

Other major advantages of iDIN are security and ease of use. Security, because the data cannot be tampered with, so you can be sure that the customer data is correct. Ease of use is also an important advantage. iDIN links up directly with the consumer's bank, which gives them a very secure feeling.

Frank would also recommend iDIN to other companies: "iDIN is easy to use and very secure. I think that age verification via iDIN could be interesting for online retailers of liquor and tobacco, for example, in order to comply with the laws and regulations concerning 18+ age verification. In addition, I think it would be interesting for iDIN to think about plug-ins or modules for commonly used webshops such as Magento, WooCommerce and Lightspeed."

Discover the power of iDIN

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