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Identify Customers with iDIN

Create the perfect customer experience without proof of identity and let customers log in directly with iDIN

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Online Identification

Request verified personal data from a user's bank via iDIN to register a new customer.


Age Verification (18+)

Use iDIN as age verification for your products or services for consumers aged 18 or older.


Log in Securely

New users can register and securely log in without a username and password using iDIN.

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Online Identification with iDIN

iDIN is a service provided by Dutch banks with which a customer can confirm his identity safely and easily online. After all, he has already identified himself when opening a bank account.

How Does iDIN Work?

Your customer selects his or her bank, logs in, and checks which personal data is provided. After approval, the user returns to the online environment of your company.

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Log in Securely with iDIN

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Minimize the chance of identity theft and digital data theft

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Comply with EU legislation: iDIN is eIDAS and GDPR-compliant

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Optimize the customer journey and the digital onboarding process

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Ease of Use

Scan the iDIN QR code, give approval in your bank's app, and you are logged in

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Easily mplement iDIN via the API

Why Customers Choose iDIN

We notice that there work many specialists with technical knowledge at, we are very happy with that. It is great that we can talk with people who have both technical and business insight. also offers a competitive price for iDIN.

Kees Kraakman, Head of E-commerce at DrankDozijn

The contact is good from the start, the account management is good, and the technical documentation is clear. However, the main advantage is the potential expansion of collaboration with's other services, such as the payment links they offer.

Frank Waagmeester, CEO at Billink

We have opted for this implementation, partly because of the convenience for users. Of course, we have an interest in such a tool that does not deter consumers. That's why the Nederlandse Loterij has opted for a reliable method with a recognizable logo

Marlin Kamminga, Responsible Gaming CSR Officer - NL Loterij

Making copies of proof of identity and bank cards is unnecessary due to iDIN and IBAN verification via iDEAL. In addition, manual input of data fields by the store employee or customer, often time-consuming and error-prone, is no longer necessary.

Sebastiaan Rigter, Director at MediaMarkt Netherlands

iDIN is eIDAS substantially compliant

iDIN provides identification and authentication at the eIDAS Substantial level. The iDIN standards and rules, in addition to being compliant with eIDAS Substantial, are more detailed and specific than the eIDAS standard. The standards provide additional information (guidance) so that compliance with eIDAS regulations can be sufficiently demonstrated.

iDIN can be used to comply with the Wwft. Accountant EY has issued a statement that the iDIN Rules & Regulations and the validation of the implementation of the Scheme requirements at Scheme members meet the requirements for the eIDAS reliability level "Substantial".


Prices per Transaction

Subscription Professional Business Enterprise
Subscription Professional Business Enterprise

Full identification

€ 0,65

€ 0,49

On request

Age verification (18+)

€ 0,50

€ 0,29

On request


€ 0,45

€ 0,15

On request

Getting Started with iDIN

Get started right away with our API and easily integrate iDIN into your own online environment. For popular e-commerce packages, we have plug-and-play integrations available.

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