iDIN: Identify Users via Their Online Banking.

Used for login, age verification or full identification

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iDIN Applications

Full Identification

Receive verified personal data from a user's bank. The user approves this iDIN transaction in his/her banking environment.

Age Verification (18+)

Want to sell products only to consumers aged 18 or older? Use iDIN as a privacy friendly age check! Other personal data will not be requested so it's GDPR compliant.

Login (authentication)

Allow your users to log in with iDIN. The user then no longer needs a username and password for your your website.

How Does iDIN Work?

iDIN uses a customer's own internet banking to make a transaction.

For example, the user wants to create an account at your company and chooses iDIN as an identifier. He selects his own bank and checks in his banking environment the personal data he wants to provide online. After approval, the user returns to the online environment of your company.

In The Netherlands 97% of all consumers use internet banking. Because of this large reach and availability, iDIN is the most popular method of electronic identification.

iDIN Demo: Create Account

Replacement for Copy of Passport

iDIN is a service of Dutch banks which enables secure identification of your customers online. With iDIN identification consumers* can log in on webshops, insurance companies or government services. iDIN uses the trusted and secure credentials of its own bank and provides substantial reliability about the consumer's identity.

With iDIN, you can request additional information from users. Name, address, date of birth, contact details and more can be retrieved from the bank. Another feature is to verify if a customer is 18+.

*Note: This product can only be used by consumers with a Dutch bank account.

  1. 1

    GDPR Compliant

    A passport copy is extremely privacy-sensitive information that must be processed with the utmost care. Replacing this process with iDIN considerably reduces the risk.

  2. 2

    Increase Conversion

    iDIN is the most user-friendly method for identification. It can be used quickly and everywhere: at home, in a store and on the road.

  3. 3

    Great Coverage

    iDIN is instantly available to millions of Dutch customers with the trusted and secure login methods of their bank.

Try iDIN

Try iDIN

See how to works. Create an account and login at our iDIN demo.

Developers can get started right away. You can easily integrate iDIN into your own service via our own API. View the installation guide and API documentation for more information.

Plug-and-play extensions have been made for popular e-commerce packages such as Magento and WooCommerce.

* The API provides access to dummy data. Contact us to activate the account and receive live data.

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Implementation in 3 Steps

  1. Integrate the API and test dummy data
  2. Contact us to activate your account


Prices per Transaction

Subscription Essentials Business Enterprise
Subscription Essentials Business Enterprise

Full identification

€ 0,65

€ 0,49

On request

Age verification (18+)

€ 0,50

€ 0,29

On request


€ 0,45

€ 0,15

On request

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Nederlandse Loterij

The Nederlandse Loterij Chooses iDIN for Age Verification

"We offer gambling games in a fair and safe way, a reliable age verification of our players is part of that process." That’s why the Nederlandse Loterij works with iDIN."


Manager Responsible Gaming, Nederlandse Loterij

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Key features

API & Plugins

Customers of CM can access iDIN via the API or the plugins for Magento or WooCommerce.

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Fast implementation

Our API is known for its simplicity and complete documentation. Moreover, you can always call us!

Implementation guide

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Complies with EU legislation

All our digital identity solutions meet the European laws and regulations and are GDPR approved.

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