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Hotel Papendal had the honor of hosting the BMX World Cup. helped with the challenges around ticketing.

Together, Hotel Papendal and ensure a top World Cup

Hotel Papendal and teamed up to take on the challenge of making the BMX World Cup a super edition. And they succeeded, thanks to the’s ticketing system and e-mail campaigns. With one gold, one silver and two bronze medals it was also a great sporting success for the Netherlands.

Nevobo Ek Mannen

BMX World Cup held at Papendal for the first time in 2021

The BMX World Cup 2021 took place at Hotel Papendal, the top sports venue of the Netherlands, on August 21 and 22. Yordi Kathmann is the Communication and Content Designer at Hotel Papendal. They won the BMX World Cup with a bid book, and faced quite a few challenges because this was a bigger event than they are used to hosting. Because of corona, it was of course already a tense year and they had to communicate carefully. For the BMX World Cup, they also sold numerous tickets and worked with personalized discount offers. Yordi remarked: "Not every ticketing system can handle this."

Hotel Papendal goes for gold with our ticketing system

The biggest challenge for Yordi was dealing with the many different tickets. She states, "However, we were able to deal with this well by creating segments and steps. This meant that not everything was on one page in the shop. That is a lot clearer, for both the ticket buyers and for us. And then there were the discount offers. There are many companies and sports associations at Papendal. Of course, we wanted to offer them a discount. For us it’s important that they get a unique code that can only be used once. Previously, everyone received the same code, so people could share it with all their family and friends. We took that for granted, because at least we were selling the tickets in that way. But actually, you don't want that. With unique discount codes, getting a discount is a lot more special."

Nevobo customer success story

Personal touch with’s Mobile Marketing Cloud

Hotel Papendal chose Ticketing Software from and also uses Mobile Marketing Cloud and the Customer Data Platform. Yordi mentioned: "One of the things the system does is automatically link unique discount codes to individuals. For example, I could email all the athletes at Papendal their own code. In the salutation I used a Dynamic Field, with which you automatically address people by their first name. That is a lot more personal. Because of corona, we also had to send a lot of informational emails about what is and isn't allowed, QR codes and our testing policy. We did all of this with Mobile Marketing Cloud."

Continuous development and upgrading are the norm

Hotel Papendal first worked with a local party for the ticketing. They did this deliberately because they like to support local entrepreneurs. Yordi says: "But at some point, you just get bigger. As we grew, we noticed that we needed more and more functionalities." They invited three companies to pitch a ticketing system. Yordi recalls: "In the end it was We are very happy that we made that choice." Even if things went wrong, they could quickly contact someone from " is constantly available and developing. If something is not available yet, it could be there next week. New features are constantly coming online. That is very helpful. With a smaller party, it might take a year before an update is available," adds Yordi.

Nevobo customer succes story

Good-natured collaboration and recognisable design

With 212 riders, 2500 visitors, 500 VIPs and 33 nationalities in the house, the BMX World Cup was a great success. Yordi adds: "By choosing, we saved ourselves a lot of work. In addition, we had every opportunity to design the ticket shop and e-mails with our own branding. This is crucial for the brand recognition by ticket buyers. In any case, I experienced the cooperation as very enjoyable. was always easily accessible, even on the race day at the weekend. We used’s ticket scanners and scanning system. It was very considerate that someone from was present on the day itself."

Possibly further products by in the future

So, this year Hotel Papendal used’s Ticketing and Mobile Marketing Cloud. In the future, they will likely use more products. Yordi states: "We also see the added value of the other products offers, such as mobile communication. We may want to do more with that next year. There is a good chance that we will start with that at next year's World Cup. When putting together our package, we mainly look at the needs of our guests. That's why we might also want to do more with SMS within Mobile Marketing Cloud. Everything is becoming more and more mobile and we are all on our phones a lot. I think that soon, hardly anyone will be working with a desktop when it comes to ticketing. I would definitely recommend to others."

Need a ticketing system that performs like an elite athlete?

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