At Smartphonehoesjes, the customer always finds the right product for their mobile device through the Engagement platform.

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Smartphonehoesjes, the largest Dutch webstore for accessories for mobile devices, can offer a unique customer journey due to their position in this niche market. With an extensive assortment and expert advice throughout the journey, they want to encourage customers to keep coming back. Customer service plays a crucial role in this. The team works with to support customers in a personalized, scalable and efficient way. With's engagement platform, they help customers make the right choice.

Maximize Your Mobile

For a long time, the company is no longer just selling phone cases;They are ready to help you get the most out of your mobile devices. With the right accessories, the lifespan of your gadgets goes up, which is also good for the environment. But there's more: their extensive assortment ensures that you'll have a new reason to come back to them time and time again. Going to a festival? Then there's a power bank waiting for you. Are you an enthusiastic cyclist? Then a holder for your smartphone is a must-have. And how about an iPad holder to keep the kids entertained during that long car ride to France? Smartphonehoesjes has it all!

Thanks to their large volume and in-house operations, they can offer high-quality products at competitive prices. This commitment to quality also shines through in their customer experience. At Smartphonehoesjes, their goal is to assist every customer in finding the right product, and you can feel it in every interaction. They harness their data to provide guidance throughout the entire customer journey and tailor the website to meet your needs.

To be a specialist, you need to understand what customers need. We have an average of about 8,000 daily orders placed with us. With this vast amount of data, we're able to tailor our platform to assist each individual customer as effectively as possible. Think of specific filters for different categories, a device selector to ensure you're ordering accessories for the right device, and unique content for each product so you truly know what you're buying. That's what makes us the go-to specialist in mobile device accessories. - Robert Nieuwland, CEO of Smartphonehoesjes

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Distinctive service

Smartphonehoesjes has set high standards for customer service. CEO Robert Nieuwland sees it as a distinguishing factor in the customer experience: "Why does someone come back? Because of good service! When something goes wrong, that's when a company can set itself apart by how it handles the situation. We always think along with our customers. And you can always reach a customer service representative, even if you're ordering a product worth 15 euros. As a consumer, you can't help but think, 'Wow, this is exceptional for the amount I've paid.'

But that's not the only thing they do differently. Smartphonehoesjes offers their diverse customer base the choice of how to get in touch. You can call, email, or chat with chatbot Casey or a live agent. Many customers prefer the convenience of reaching out online. With Casey, you always have the option for contact, even outside of office hours."

"We have a quite diverse target audience. A significant portion of them seeks quick answers to their questions and doesn't want to wait until the next day. That's why Chatbot Casey is available 24/7. However, some of our audience still prefers human contact, and we service that as well. What we prioritize is giving our customers a choice. If you want fast answers, anytime and anywhere, chat with our chatbot Casey. If your question is a bit more complex and you'd like to speak to someone, you're always welcome to give us a call!"

Jessica Schulz, Customer Service Manager Smartphonehoesjes

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Scalable solution

In order to offer customers this choice, Smartphonehoesjes sought a scalable solution. They found the right partner in to further expand and enhance their customer service scalability, aiming to assist customers as effectively as possible. With Mobile Service Cloud, they can now receive, monitor, and optimize all customer inquiries from various channels in one system. Chatbot Casey, built in Conversational AI Cloud, handles the most common customer queries, allowing the team to focus on more complex questions and provide expert product advice.

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85% of inquiries are now handled without human intervention

It talks to each other, but also to external systems. Daan Absil, Customer Success Manager at, explains: "The question we always ask is: in which systems can we find the truth for the customer? How can we use that to personalize and assist the customer even better?" The integration with Magento and Returnless ensures that Chatbot Casey can answer even more questions without the need for a live agent. Casey knows the customer's order status and can help initiate a return. With this kind of specific data, the customer is assisted even faster and more easily.

Personal advice

Both Robert and Jessica see the role of the customer service representative shifting towards an advisory position. Chatbot Casey can address product-specific inquiries and provide recommendations. Live agents can take over the conversation at any time for more personalized or complex questions. That way, employees can truly focus on providing personal advice. With and AI, Smartphonehoesjes can automate more and more standard processes, allowing the staff to concentrate on adding value.

"How can we assist customers upfront in finding the right product? Can we empower the customer service agents to take on a more advisory role? This makes perfect sense because our customer service team has in-depth knowledge about our products. At the same time, they can play a crucial role in encouraging customer retention. For instance, by proactively reaching out and asking why a customer hasn't placed an order in a while."

Robert Nieuwland, CEO Smartphonehoesjes customer service agent working with engage platform

Growing in ambitions together

The partnership between Smartphonehoesjes and thrives on mutual trust and a shared commitment to growth. Their collaboration is driven by the desire to challenge each other to reach new heights and align with Smartphonehoesjes' ambitious goals. With's support, Smartphonehoesjes places the customer at the core of their strategy, collectively striving to ensure every customer makes the perfect choice. This partnership exemplifies their dedication to excellence and customer-centricity.

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