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Managing Vouchers & Refunds With Compensation Tool

The Zoo events

The Zoo Events

The Zoo Events has been collaborating with Yourticketprovider for years. Their system is easy to use and the lines of communication are kept short. The Zoo Events is using Yourticketprovider’s compensation tool which makes it extremely easy to manage vouchers and refunds.

Sell as Many Tickets as Possible

“Every morning I’m checking the app to see how we are doing on ticket sales for festivals. It shows me immediately what needs to be done and if it’s going to be a busy day.” The Zoo Events organizes roughly twenty festivals per year. Romy de Jong manages the marketing of half of them. “The Zoo Events has seven different subsidiaries which means that our own name isn’t very well known. But the festivals that we organize are famous, like Central Park Festival, Lief Festival and Sneeuwbal Festival.”

Romy’s goal as a marketeer is to sell as many festival tickets as possible. “In order to accomplish that, it is very important to have access to a good dashboard to monitor the status of ticket sales. The Yourticketprovider app provides a perfect overview. I can also use the app to send out guest list tickets. I like working with the app, because you have to make life as easy as possible, right?!”

The Zoo events

Festivals Are Canceled

In the last two years, we were all dealing with events that had to be canceled. “When we found out that we had to cancel our festivals, we informed our visitors through social media and our newsletter. We could only inform them about the cancelation, but we couldn’t give any details about refunds, vouchers etc. That’s why I contacted Yourticketprovider immediately, to see what we could do to inform and refund our visitors properly.”

Vouchers and Refunds

Many tickets had been sold by The Zoo Events for seven different festivals like Geheime Liefde and Crazy Sexy Cool. Obviously, we had to do something about that. Romy: “We needed a tool to manage tickets, vouchers and refunds. I’ve asked Yourticketprovider if they would be able to help us, and they were.”

Yourticketprovider developed a flexible compensation tool with various options. It made it possible for organizations to give their visitors a choice. They could choose between a voucher for the next edition, a refund, or they could convert the tickets into a donation to the event organizer. Many visitors who purchased tickets at The Zoo Events, opted for a voucher for the festival’s next edition. Romy: “It is wonderful that the compensation tool was completed within such a short period of time. The tool made the whole process much easier for us and it saved us a lot of time. Now it only takes me two clicks to see what our refund budget is, and how many vouchers we’ve sent to our visitors.”

The Zoo Events Has Been a Customer From the Very Beginning

A few years back, The Zoo Events acquired Xsense. That company happened to be Yourticketprovider’s first customer. Romy says that The Zoo Events then chose Yourticketprovider to be the ticket partner of all their subsidiaries. “I personally like the fact that I just have to pick up the phone to speak directly to someone who can answer my questions immediately. I sometimes even speak with my contacts at Yourticketprovider more frequently than with my own friends. It is great to have these short communication lines.”

Romy is checking everything several times before a ticket sale starts. “I am extremely careful. The staff at Yourticketprovider is very understanding and they help me with that. The system is 100% user-friendly and I can easily fill in most fields, but it’s always nice to have someone who’s offering suggestions.”

The Zoo events

Together We Made the Tool User-Friendly

The Zoo Events is partly responsible for the fact that Yourticketprovider’s system is so user-friendly. Romy and her colleagues have been giving feedback which has been used to improve the tool. “A while ago, my contact person at Yourticketprovider asked me if I had any ideas for the app. I replied that I would like to use the app to send out tickets. So, they have built that option and it’s working perfectly well.”

Keep Innovating

It’s obvious that The Zoo Events is constantly looking for innovation. According to Romy the collaboration between Yourticketprovider and CM.com provides many opportunities. “That’s what I’ve heard recently. I’m glad that I can keep my own contact person at Yourticketprovider and I’m curious to see the tools CM.com provides. I think I already saw an organization that works with SMS. That could be really helpful to redeem the vouchers we’ve issued. I’m interested to see how we can use all that when covid restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to organize events again. I’m looking forward to that.”

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