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Distributing Public Transport tickets made easy. An innovative new solution designed and developed by Ximedes and


All-In-One Mobile Solution for Public Transport Tickets

Ximedes and joined forces to create an all-in-one mobile solution for selling Public Transport tickets. By linking Ximedes’ TapConnect, a secure interoperable barcode solution, and's SUNMI terminals, we were able to create a device where one can sell, pay and print barcodes. 

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Established in 1998, and headquartered in the Netherlands, Ximedes is a company that builds bespoke software, focusing on Open Banking, Closed-loop Payments, and Public Transport systems. In the Netherlands, they’ve completed many innovative projects for the OV-Chipcard in the past 9 to 10 years. Reading the OV-Chipcard, generating the transactions, check-ins and check-outs, and all other solutions around that specific Dutch ecosystem.

We recently developed a secure interoperable barcode solution called TapConnect for Public Transport Operators in Europe which is already the de facto standard in the Netherlands. For our company, that is pretty cool. We’re quite proud of that.- John-Peter Veldkamp, Manager Mobility Solutions, Payments & Innovation at Ximedes

The Mobile Solution for Public Transport Tickets

Ximedes already offered an in-store solution for buying Public Transport products. But it required customers to go to a store, stand in line, and other inconveniences. Especially during events, with loads of people using Public Transport, the waiting lines could be long and tedious. Nobody wants that, of course.

A customer of Ximedes, asked them for help with this problem. They envisioned a device where one could buy, pay and print tickets. A combination that wasn’t available on the market yet.

This is what we see quite often, and not only in the Public Transport sector. A customer has a specific problem, knows what the potential solution should look like, but doesn’t have the resources and /or technical skills to also develop the solution. We at Ximedes, with partners like, then develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). With this PoC a potential solution all of sudden develops from an idea on paper into a reality. - John-Peter

Ximedes joined forces with to make this request a reality. With our solutions and hardware and their TapConnect back-office software integrations, we were able to deliver an all-in-one solution. A device where one can sell, pay and print barcodes that enables the traveller to gain access and travel with Public Transport.

At our goal is to make payments easy accessible for our partners. For this we use innovative hardware platforms like SUNMI and offer free of choice acquiring access via our Payment Gateway. This agnostic approach gives us an unique position in the market. Based on these parameters, the will to innovate and good collaboration with Ximedes made our joint effort a success. - Paul Kerkhof, Manager Products & Markets at
public transport barcode solution

Technical People Should Talk to Technical People had the knowledge and experience for payment solutions, including the hardware. And Ximedes has the knowledge and experience in the Public Transport sector. This all came together very nicely for this project. John-Peter also explains that Ximedes is not a hardware supplier, but prefers to cooperate and integrate with existing, available hardware. This gives customers the preferred freedom to choose their own hardware without a vendor lock-in.

How was our cooperation? No complaints! Communication was good, we had a go-to guy at and technical people were able to speak to technical people. And that’s all you want. - John-Peter

Common Ground for Future Projects

Ximedes is aiming to push their TapConnect solution internationally, while also looking further into the future of Public Transport solutions.

There is a strong need for new digital solutions which are flexible and can be built into any device. Ximedes has been asked to participate in a project that will introduce bank card travel. So instead of using an OV-Chipcard, you would be able to use your bank card to check-in and out of Public Transport. This means that the current IT infrastructure will be replaced with new technology, which also opens a lot of new opportunities for collaboration.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it might be common ground for future new projects! The whole world is becoming more mobile, that includes solutions like this. - John-Peter

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