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Growing Businesses via One Powerful API

Managing your resellers or activity providers is very time-consuming. We remove this hassle by connecting both parties through one API. Say goodbye to endless lists of barcode sheets, incorrect pricing and sold out tickets on weekends and hello to one dashboard where you can manage everything. 

Connected Suppliers + 160 more

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When You're a Reseller...

A live supply of tickets for leisure activities at your fingertips

When you're a global or local reseller, why do you want to spend more time than needed on sourcing the best activities and events nearby? We've got that covered with over more than 500+ theme parks, zoos, activities or festivals around the country. With our simple API, you can easily select your preferred suppliers and offer their tickets on your website.

  1. Work efficiently from one centralized dashboard

  2. Set-up the best agreements with connected partners

  3. Discover most revenue-driving activities with real-time reporting

  4. New suppliers connected every month

Connected Resellers + 800 more

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When You're an Activity Supplier...

Grow your ticket sales without lifting a finger

Why spend huge amounts of resources on promoting your international ticket sales? Take advantage of the reach of global and local resellers like hotel chains, OTAs or tour operators and let them grow your business. This way you can do what you do best, focus on the live experience. Connect through our API, upload your products, prices and availability and we'll take care of the rest.

  1. Expand your reach and attract visitors all over the world

  2. Update availability, adjust pricing, block dates out and more

  3. Work efficiently and manage all your resellers from one dashboard

  4. Sell tickets faster and easier

We Get You, We Got You

Ticket availability, cancellations and pricing is updated automatically

So no more endless invoices, Excel-sheets and manual bookings

Don't wait ages for your well-earned money with our automatic payouts

Instantly see through which channels your visitors are booking


Let's Team Up

Interested? Great! The next step is to get you connected to our platform. Don’t worry, this will be effortlessly done by our awesome team, completely cost-free. A service from us to you. Our top priority is to take care of you, so even after onboarding, we're always there to help.

Request a connection as a reseller or as a supplier

  1. No fishy contracts or monthly fees, we're transparent

  2. Start fast, onboarding takes only 4 days

  3. Easily disconnect or reconnect, against no costs. 

  4. No cure, no pay

Not convinced yet? No problem!

Let's meet so we can give you more information about the possibilities or a DEMO on the product. Together we can discuss your goals and discover how our product can contribute to them. 

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Discover ticketing and other solutions for the museums & parks industry.

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Discover ticketing and other solutions for the sports industry.

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Discover ticketing and other solutions for the music & live industry.

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Sep 21, 2023 • Ticketing

6 Methods to Encourage Your Museum or Park Visitors to Buy Their Ticket Online

In an era where online convenience is becoming the new standard, many visitors still choose to buy their tickets at the entrance. This is unfortunate, given the many advantages of online ticketing for both visitors and the museum or park itself. Think about avoiding lines, generating extra income, and gathering more information. But how can you increase the use of online ticketing? That can still be a challenge, which is why we've compiled six ideas for you.

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Your event as a showstopper: 7 futureproof trends to jump on

In the overcrowded event industry, it's getting tougher to keep your ticket sales going strong. The competition is huge, and everyone's targeting the same audiences. Chances are that a festival with empty lineups and expensive tickets won't survive five years from now. Invest in your brand, innovate, and stand out – that's the only way to build a solid foundation for the future. We've got 7 trends for you to hop onto and make sure you're ready for what's to come.

Jul 26, 2023 • Ticketing

11 Ways to Boost Ticket Sales and Make Your Event a Sell-Out

It's no secret that selling tickets in today's current climate can be quite the rollercoaster ride, especially with inflation confronting event-goers with increased prices all over, making them more selective where they spend their disposable income. They also tend to make last-minute decisions making it harder to forecast event attendance well in advance. Not to mention fierce competition in the market. So, if you’re looking for fresh approaches to secure more sales, look no further. From utilizing new marketing channels to exploring creative and data-driven approaches and leveraging loyal fans and influencers, here are 11 creative ways to boost ticket sales.

Jul 24, 2023 • Ticketing

9 Essential Features for Your Museum or Park’s Online Ticketing Software

Buying a ticket at the entrance of your park or museum remains important, but an online ticketing system is indispensable nowadays. Whether you already sell tickets online or want to start doing so, choosing the right ticketing software can be complicated. Look for a partner that contributes to a smooth visitor experience, helps you work more efficiently, and perhaps even generates additional revenue. To get you started, here are the 9 features that a good online ticketing system for any museum or park should have.

Jul 18, 2023 • Ticketing

Get Started With Online Ticketing: 10 Reasons for Your Museum or Park

Digitization is impacting more and more industries, including the museums & parks industry. Despite this, most tickets are still sold at the box office rather than online. This is unfortunate, as there are numerous benefits to be gained. Not only does it ensure a smooth visitor experience, but it also offers interesting opportunities for your organisation. In this blog, you will discover 10 reasons why you shouldn't fall behind in this digital advancement.

Jun 30, 2023 • Ticketing

Ticketing as First Touchpoint of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix Fan Experience

Ticketing is the first touch point of the total experience for every event, so also for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix. That's why you want it to run smoothly so that everyone who can get a ticket looks forward to their visit. However, due to the immense popularity of Formula 1, there is a lot of interest in tickets for this event - more than there are actual tickets. Therefore, the Dutch Grand Prix was looking for an innovative ticketing system to help them manage ticket allocation smoothly, and CM.com offered the solution.

Jun 06, 2023 • Ticketing

Unleashing the Power of Instagram: Your Ticket to Winning Fans and Boosting Ticket Sales

In today's lightning-fast world, the quest to capture fans' attention and inspire lasting loyalty remains a key challenge for ambitious event organizers. Developing tactics to boost ticket sales and cut through the noise in this increasingly crowded industry can feel like an uphill battle. But what if we told you there's a game-changing secret to success? Prepare to breathe new life into your social media channels as you embark on a journey to connect with your fans like never before. Read on to discover how Instagram Marketing Messages can revolutionize your event strategy and help you get a competitive edge.

May 27, 2023 • Ticketing

10 Reasons Why Event Organizers Should Centralize Data

Many event organizers have gold in their hands, namely data. And they get it completely free from their ticket sales and other interactions with their visitors. The only problem with data is that unless you have an efficient way of handling it, you won't be able to take advantage of the insight it provides. The first step to using it is to recognize the benefits it will bring - so keep reading and find out how data can elevate your event.

May 24, 2023 • Ticketing

4 Benefits of Conversion Tracking for the Event Industry

Once upon a time, if you wanted to advertise an event, you’d probably hit the streets with an eye-catching flyer. Today, digital marketing campaigns are the preferred solution. They let you reach your target audience more efficiently. To make sure you’re getting the most out of these marketing campaigns, conversion tracking is a must. Unfortunately, most promoters stay away from this, because word on the street is that it’s quite complicated. That's a real shame because it offers a lot of benefits. Below, we tell you all about those, how to get started, and how CM.com can help.

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