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Nov 06, 2018
4 minutes read

Go Beyond 160 Characters in SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing no longer limits you to 160 characters. You can now increase conversion and customer engagement via mobile. Go beyond the 160 characters limitation of SMS and add a rich mobile landing page. Learn just how mobile offers more opportunities than you might expect with our 7 secrets to successful SMS marketing campaigns.

1. Attractive SMS Campaigns

Unless you want to overload your audience with tons of messages, you will have to limit your SMS message to the 160 characters of one SMS. This means finding a creative use for the limited space to get your message across. A great way to do this, is by adding a URL link to a rich mobile landing page as addition to your campaign. This is a great opportunity to stand out from your competitors and increase conversion rates.

2. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

What do you want the receiver of your message to do after reading your carefully thought-out SMS campaign? Invite your receiver to click on the hyperlink in the SMS to go to a mobile landing page and convert there. Make sure the goal of your message is reached by explicitly triggering an action from your receiver on that page. 

A list of things to consider when creating the Call to action (CTA) on your landing page to persuade the visitor to click:

  • Use one single CTA
  • Avoid distracting navigation links
  • Match the visitor’s intent and message in SMS
  • Show the CTA above the fold
  • Write a descriptive CTA (not: “next, shop, continue”) but: “take the quiz, view mattresses, buy now”
  • Use encapsulation and color contrast to make the call-to-action stand out
  • Make CTA’s benefit-oriented (what’s in it for me?)

3. Offer Exclusivity

If your offer is available to all customers, the offer will have no added value to the receiver. Make sure the receiver has a clear reason not to unsubscribe from your SMS list. Therefore, it is important to always let him know he has just received an exclusive offer. You can choose to -for example- add the word SMS to the discount code or by stating this is a VIP-only offer. Or you can choose to add a personalized bar/QR code to the landing page.


4. Personalize Your SMS campaigns

Because SMS campaigns are such a powerful tool, your company is not the only one asking for your customer’s attention via this channel. Your message should be worth the read. Therefore, personalization is crucial. There are several ways to successfully personalize a message to increase its value. Consider adding the name of the receiver, using merge tags regarding locations or previous purchases. Adding your own name isn’t a bad idea either. 

5. Interaction

Nowadays, there is no need for your mobile marketing campaign to be one-way. If you use the right sender name, you can easily enable the receiver to send a reply to your campaign. This way, you can have an actual conversation with your audience. This will not only make your company more approachable, which can be of great influence on brand loyalty. Also, it will allow you to receive feedback and ask questions, giving you the insights to take your business to the next level.

delivery alert customer service

6. Questions and questionnaires

As a very accessible communication tool, SMS combined with a landing page is most suitable for sending out questions and questionnaires. You can easily enrich your mobile landing page with a form with relevant questions and analyze the results of your questionnaire. 

7. Timing and frequency

A final but not unimportant point is timing. You can imagine that, if you send out carefully thought out SMS campaigns at the wrong time, this is a waste of time, money, and effort. Therefore, you need to make sure you know what time is best for your target audience

It is not just in regards of timing that the perfect SMS campaign depends on your target audience. Don’t hesitate to experiment a little with all the mentioned variables and keep a close eye on results such as open ratio and click rates. You’re able to create a mobile landing page and track multiple links and analyze the conversion of your page in detail. The analysis will tell you what messages are most effective for your target audience. 

Do you need help creating a successful SMS marketing campaign?

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