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Reach your customers directly with a personal voice message

Voice is a powerful channel to convey a message to your customers. Be it appointment reminders, one-time-passwords, surveys or marketing campaigns, CM enables you to send these through Voice. Use Text-2-speech as an addition to SMS and Push, or send pre-recorded voice messages to add a personal, high-impact touch to your marketing campaigns. For our Belgian customers, we can even send voice messages directly to a voicemail inbox.

  1. One CM platform
    Integrate voice with SMS, Push and other CM services using the CM One Platform.
  2. Multi-channel communication
    Optimize your reach and conversion rates by adding voice to your messaging communication channels.
  3. Save valuable time
    Use our APIs to automate voice messages, or let us send out voice campaigns for you.


Do you want to use voice for appointment reminders, passwords, instructions or marketing call to actions? These are typical audio messages that are easily automated using our Text-2-Speech solution. Instead of making manual calls yourself, text-2-speech helps you to quickly send out a voice message to a list of contacts. It saves valuable time and cost, while still getting your message across. Combine voice message with SMS and Push to further optimize your reach. CM offers a professional text-2-speech solution, supporting 23 different languages and multiple male or female voices per language. You can easily implement CM text-2-speech using our API.

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Recorded voice messages

Nothing is more convincing than receiving a call with a message from your favorite musician, political party, or football player. With CM Voice Campaigns we enable you to add a powerful channel to your marketing campaigns. Simply provide us with the recorded message and a list of phone numbers, we will send out your campaign at your requested date and time. Afterwards we will provide you with detailed analytics of your campaign. We can even combine the voice campaign with a SMS or a landing page, building a waterproof user experience that increases conversion rate.

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Recorded messages

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