Multi-channel conversations through one API

Prepare for the future by connecting all relevant messaging channels to reach out to your customers.

Simplified multi-channel messaging

The future is here! Customers using multiple messaging apps means more complex communication for companies. How do you reach your customers where they are, via the channels most convenient to them?

Easily increase your customers engagement and connect to all channels via one Business Messaging API.

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One unified communications experience for your customers

In the age of multiple screens, multi-channel messaging and marketing have become the rule rather than the exception. Our API combines all important communication channels into a single platform, providing you with a high-volume and two-way customer engagement solution.

Choose to deliver your messages via SMS, Chat Apps, Voice or Push and start delivering via the channels your customers prefer most.

  1. Manage just one API instead of a separate one per channel.

  2. Two-way messaging on all channels, for meaningful conversations.

  3. Add rich content to improve and enrich your service.

Get your brand officially verified by Google

SMS messages are often sent from a random number, which makes it hard for customers to know which numbers to trust. Google introduced Verified SMS which verifies the identity of your brand and helps improve your customers' trust in your company and your brand.

Ensure that your consumers always know it's you by getting your brand officially verified by Google. The content of each SMS will be verified so recipients are ensured that the content is sent by a specific, trusted business.

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Multi-channel customer service

In today’s digital-first world consumers expect an instant service and immediate results. Therefore, it is vital that brands adopt that same approach when it comes to delivering seamless customer service over digital communication channels.

With so many social chat tools coming online each year, how can you ensure an efficient and personalised customer experience for your customers? We provide you with one inbox to manage it all.

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Reach your customers within 10 seconds

Our gateway delivers your message worldwide in under 10 seconds. We have direct connections for SMS fallback and offer 24/7/365 support. Our API documentation is available in PHP, CURL, JAVASCRIPT and C#. We offer SDK's to make implementation even easier, or use one of our plugins.

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