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Childcare center Zien uses Sign, the CM.com digital signing tool offered by KindPlanner, to manage contracts efficiently.

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Risk Management in Childcare

Signing a childcare contract is an important procedure for the parents as well as the childcare center. It has to be as seamless and flawless as possible. Parents and childcare organizations want all their administration to be properly organized, because the Tax and Customs Administration is on top of it. With the digital signing tool and software partner KindPlanner, CM.com is trying to provide the childcare market with tools to achieve just that. Childcare center Zien is happy using Sign via KindPlanner to complete the whole signing process from registration to invoicing.

Quality Care & Administrative Efficiency

Nicole Albers, Head of Operations at childcare center Zien and mother of three believes in quality care combined with administrative efficiency for both the organization and the parents. “Nowadays, digital signing is good practice and we want parents to be able to sign the contracts wherever and whenever they want. For us it’s important to keep an eye on the signing and on the status of the agreements. Sign is managing that for us,” Nicole says.

As founders and former owners of day care center KITS in Groningen, Nicole and her business partner Byung Oberink have loads of knowledge and experience. Filled with new energy and ideas they founded Childcare center Zien in 2020. Zien now has branches in Haren, Slochteren, Roden and Heerenveen.

Nicole says: “With our considerable experience, new energy and enthusiasm, we would like to integrate our vision in a lovely childcare organization. Thanks to a few strategic acquisitions we can continue to invest in the quality of our employees, interior design, service and organization. We promise to hire the best employees to provide the best care for the children”. 

Avoid Ambiguity of Responsibilities

“At our previous organization, we weren’t using KindPlanner and Sign yet. We had to print out the contracts, send them to the parents who in return had to sign them and send them back. We managed the process by keeping a list that we updated on the statuses of contracts and invoices. It was a time-consuming task.

When we made plans to start another childcare organization, we looked at different software suppliers. We chose KindPlanner, essentially because they offered Sign,” said Nicole. Before we used Sign, it was possible to have just one of the parent’s signature. With Sign, we can ask both parents to sign digitally. “With that, we avoid endless discussions about payment arrears and payment responsibilities,” Nicole explains. 


Contract Management for Childcare in the Cloud

Thanks to CM.com’s software partner KindPlanner, it’s possible to sign and manage Zien’s contracts digitally. KindPlanner was set up in 2012 and is located in Leiden. ‘We are developing our cloud-based software ourselves. There is a great demand for Sign from childcare organizations,” according to Monique Bout, business development manager at KindPlanner. Monique is keeping contact with customers, is taking care of acquisitions, is keeping track of new features and developments and is involved in the implementation.

Paperless Office With Sign & KindPlanner

“KindPlanner gives you an excellent overview of the entire process from registration to invoicing. Did the parents sign the documents? Did we send out reminders and if so, to whom? It saves us a lot of time and work to have an automated process,” Monique says. “We used to work with lists, checkboxes, envelopes and stamps. That is a time-consuming process and due to human mistakes, it’s not very accurate either. You don’t want to forget about the unsigned contracts. With Sign via KindPlanner it’s less likely to make mistakes,” Nicole says. 

Childcare Centers Are More Accurate

“With KindPlanner our work has become more digital. It makes it possible for parents to send us a digital signature too. The big advantage of working with workflows, time stamps and logs is that we know exactly where we are in the signing process and we can see whose responsibility it is. We can also get this information from the audit report, which makes it legally valid. We keep a close eye on the status of a contract,” according to Nicole. Digital signing is valuable in this industry. “Childcare centers are aware of the benefits of digital signing and Sign, and they specifically request to use Sign,” Monique says. 

Test, Implement and Start!

KindPlanner and Sign were implemented and set up quickly at Zien. “We’ve tested Sign on our test environment first. After that we tested it with some of KindPlanner’s bigger clients to evaluate the usefulness. They were soon convinced of its value and that’s when we started offering Sign within KindPlanner to other clients. It’s a user-friendly and simple program. The developers of the various parties were quickly on the same page and we are able exchange information with childcare centers like Zien swiftly,” says Monique.

Companies and organizations that work a lot with contracts benefit from digital signing. “We recommend childcare organizations to use it. It reduces the risk of errors and it’s user-friendly for parents. As soon as the back office is set up properly, the admin is structured and the status of contracts is clear,” says Nicole. 

Discover the Power of Sign

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