Get grip on HR-Processes With HoorayHR and Sign

Thanks to HoorayHR and Sign, CM.com’s digital signature tool, companies acquire a better understanding of their HR processes


Getting a Grip on HR-Processes

If your company is growing quickly, you don’t want HR processes to become a potential bottleneck. Forget about complicated spreadsheets and Excel files: HoorayHR, partner of CM.com, is helping companies to handle the HR administration quickly and simply. Thanks to the uncomplicated all-in-one HR software which is integrated with Sign, CM.com’s digital signature tool, companies acquire a better understanding of their administration and they’ll have a better view of the path they want to follow.

Creating Order Out of Chaos

“HoorayHR has been founded two years ago. The idea arose, when we had to deal with some chaotic HR processes ourselves. We came up with a solution to help entrepreneurs run their HR processes smoothly,” Theo Schroen, co-founder of HoorayHR, explains. He points out that entrepreneurs want to focus on the growth of their company, not on processes that take up a lot of time. “There aren’t many HR solutions for companies with 5-100 employees. Most of the time these complicated software packages require quite a bit of HR knowledge or the implementation is really expensive. HoorayHR is simple and easy to use. With our tool, you can easily optimize HR processes like the onboarding of new employees, the use of Sign for digital signing, processing expense claims, contract management, leave and absence registration. We also hear employees are happy when their data are well documented and easily accessible”, Schroen adds.

Digitally Signing Contracts and NDAs

“We started using Sign in 2021. There is an increased demand for signing contracts digitally because more and more parties are working remotely. In order to meet the demand, we are offering Sign via integration with our software. Customers are using Sign to sign both employment contracts and NDAs. Document management is already part of what HoorayHR does and digital signing simply goes with that. We focus on streamlining HR processes. It’s not possible for us to build our own signature tool, but CM.com has built a proper one. We got to know CM.com through our network and they provide Sign. We believe in synergy, as a partner in an ecosystem. That way, we can help each other to innovate and to improve our products,” the founder of HoorayHR explains. 

A Better Understanding of Data Management and GDPR

“The traditional way of printing, signing and sending a contract is not an easy task if you don’t own a printer, and many people don’t. The signing process with Sign is quick and accurate. Digital signing takes less than 2 minutes and that includes sending the documents. An API is used to make the connection between HoorayHR and Sign. That means that if you use Sign in HoorayHR, you can use templates to create a document,” Schroen says.

Sign Adds Value to the Business

Collaboration with a European party was an important factor for the HoorayHR’s CEO. “We handle personal data and when it comes to data management it’s important for us to work with a professional European party like CM.com. Ultimately, that professionalism reflects on us.”

“Users love the fact that you can effortlessly sign and manage documents with just a simple HR tool. It is helping us to make better demos, to generate better leads and to close the deals with new customers faster. In short, on a business level Sign adds a lot of value. For many companies, it’s not always profitable to solely implement digital signature software. The advantage of Sign in combination with HoorayHR is that the customer’s entire HR process will be put in order. That combination is valuable. Many customers were still working with Excel and spreadsheets before they started working with HoorayHR. When companies are growing quickly, cracks begin to appear in the HR administration and they start looking for a quick and simple solution,” says Theo Schroen.

A Good Product Will Sell Itself

HoorayHR likes to collaborate with professional parties and they are very happy with CM.com’s support: CM.com provides high quality tools. Even though it’s a large international company, we had a contact person to assist us at any time with the implementation of Sign. It was really easy to implement Sign and to and start using it. When our customers want to use our HR tool, they get to choose from a variety of functionalities, but also from multiple integrations, including Sign. The customer can buy Sign online and install the tool and will be guided by a wizard. CM.com assists the customer with the API connection and that works really well.” This product will sell itself. 

Companies Benefit From Tight HR Process

According to Theo Schroen, Sign is especially suitable for medium-sized companies with 10 - 100 employees. “What we see is that those companies have to set up the administration swiftly. As soon as you can sign your contracts digitally, part of that whole process is under control,” Schroen says. He adds: “When purchasing Sign, carefully consider what the process entails for the customer, what it takes to activate the connection and what to expect of the API process. It is important to have a clear picture of what the process will look like for the customer, even before you start using Sign. I would recommend Sign to everybody. We also use Sign for our own processes and documents. That says enough.”

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