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Sign for Sustainable Growth

Businesses that want to grow while making a positive environmental impact choose Sign.

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Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

A Paperless Business

Transform your business by prioritizing sustainability. Sign will streamline processes for sustainable growth. As you scale up, the benefits become greater, resulting in a better world.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Using Sign drastically reduces paper and ink consumption. In this way, you save trees, clean drinking water and avoid unnecessary carbon emissions for shipping or travel.

Being Socially Responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility should be included in every touchpoint in your customer experience, including the software you use. Sign is a perfect solution when you strive for CSR.

These companies use Sign

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Go for a paperless office, for yourself and your client

By using Sign, you need to print less. This results directly in less paper consumption and a saving of resources needed to produce paper. Thus, your organization can immediately reduce its carbon footprint.

To illustrate how much you can save, let's take an average example where 500 documents need to be signed per month:

  1. Save 4000 sheets of paper per month

  2. Prevent 1000 grams of CO2 emissions per month

  3. Save ink and the negative effects of its production

  4. Save envelopes, stamps and emissions as a result of delivery

Paperless Signing

  1. Send your documents via Sign
  2. Invitees will receive a request to sign
  3. You can sign using any device
  4. Receive all signed documents

What Our Customers Say

De voordelen van digitaal ondertekenen met Sign

Only with Sign

Digital signing is easier than you think.'s Sign offers multiple benefits for all kinds of companies to offer the best (digital) signing experience.

  1. Only pay for documents that have been completely signed.

  2. Signing contracts is 70% quicker than before.

  3. Pay per document, not per signature.

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