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Forced to close the doors or your restaurant temporarily? Use Mobile Order now for free!

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Frictionless orders and cashless payments

Customers don't have to sit in your restaurant to enjoy your food. Ordering food can also be done safe and convenient from home or in front of your shop. Let guests place their order and have them complete the payment on their own phone. After the order has been placed, the order can be picked up at the specified time. This minimises contact moments and keeps your business up and running. offers Mobile Order until 1 July 2020 free of charge for every restaurant or catering business (excl. payment transaction fee).

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How does Mobile Order work?

After the launch of Mobile Order at Lowlands last year, restaurants have also discovered this convenient way of ordering and paying. Like The Tosti Club, which used Mobile Order to stay open longer despite the Corona crisis.

How it works:

1. The customer clicks on a link or scans a QR-code to get to your Mobile Order page.

2. He or she chooses a product and time and makes the payment.

3. The customer receives a confirmation of the order, with the time and location to pick up the order. Their phone number is the reference.

4. The restaurant will immediately receive a confirmation and can get to work.

How to get started!

  1. Add your products and pickup locations

  2. Connect your page to our payment system

  3. Process orders via the dashboard

1. Sign up and download the manual

Registration is possible within 1 minute. You don't have to fill in any payment details and you can get started right away. If you are new to the Mobile Order system, we advise you to use the manual.

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2. Add your products and pickup location

Would you like to use Mobile Order for free? You can create your own digital menu, manage your own products and make changes online and in real time. Sign up and you'll be up and running within an hour! 

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3. Connect your Mobile Order page to our payment system

Your guests can transfer money easily and safely via your prefered payment methods. To transfer money to your account we need some information from you, including your bank account number.

We are also legally obliged to request other details such as an extract from the Chamber of Commerce and proof of identification. After registration, you will receive an email with these details put together. While we check your details, you can start selling your products.

Link your Mobile Order page to iDEAL

4. Process orders via the dashboard

Now all you have to do is make sure that customers get to your order page. Do this via a link on your website, social media channels or place a QR code on your front door.

You will see the orders coming in on your dashboard. Every next business day your orders will be paid out.

mobile order dashboard take-away

Register before 31 May 2020

Sign up for the services you want to use. This is possible until 31 May 2020 at the latest. Companies that register after this date will unfortunately no longer be able to use the Together promotion.

Free of charge until 1 July 2020

Mobile Order, Sign and Pages are all free to use until 1 July 2020. Transactions via iDEAL (a Dutch payment method) are also free of charge. Other payment methods are charged based on our regular pricing. For some services such as payments for Mobile Order it is necessary to sign a contract, but this can be terminated on July 1, 2020. We will contact you before that time to inquire about your wish to continue or stop with the service.

Existing clients and custom plans

This offer is valid for self-service customers, who use and set up the tools themselves with the help of the video tutorials and Help Center articles. APIs and custom implementation are not part of the Together action.

Existing customers can use additional services from the Together Suite free of charge on top of their current service.

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