Supporting Consumers by Cancelling Subscriptions

GreenOnline cancels subscriptions (in writing or by phone) and informs their customers by email automation.

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GreenOnline - Helping Consumers Claim Their Rights

GreenOnline offers consumers an easy way of canceling their subscriptions with legally certified one-click subscription cancellations. Fast, safe, cheap, transparent, and all in one place.

Founded in 2010, when the subscription economy started booming, GreenOnline is now present in the Netherlands and ten other European countries, under various localized web domains and GoCancel.

GreenOnline CEO Kees van Nuland is on a mission to deliver his service to every country in the EU by 2027. 


I heard the call loud and clear from consumers. No one wants to pay for something they don’t use. That’s what we do here. We ensure customers only pay for what they use.

GreenOnline CEO Kees van Nuland

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The Challenges of the Industry

Today’s subscription-focused landscape attracts many competitors. Unfortunately, not all competitors in the market have the right intentions. Unethical practices and scammers give the cancellation industry a bad reputation.

We see that a few competitors of ours are only in the business to make quick money, leaving the consumers even more miserable than before. That is frustrating to see. All we can do about it is to strive to keep the level of quality of our services high and be visible for consumers.

Another challenge is that many companies that work with subscriptions see GreenOnline as the enemy. When businesses refuse to cooperate, it will cost GreenOnline precious resources, time, and money. The hassle is worth it for Kees van Nuland (CEO), as long as there is a happy consumer at the end of it. 

We hope to change the view businesses have of us. They consider us an enemy now, but cancellation services can actually be an asset for their business. An easy way out of contracts means that consumers will be less hesitant to sign subscriptions, which will eventually also be beneficial for subscription-based companies.
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GreenOnline x – Stay Connected

One way to take action against the challenges of the cancelation industry is through visibility and communication. Staying connected with customers will ensure that they will easily find your business again, without the risk of being lost in the world of (unethical) competitors.

GreenOnline uses's Mobile Marketing Cloud to stay in touch with their customers. By sending out newsletters and other relevant communication with contact links to their customers, they open the door for personalized two-way email conversations.

We want to stay connected with our customers so that they will find us directly in the future. If we can get consumers to contact us directly via mail or via our website, it will save us some costs, but more importantly, it will protect our customers from unethical companies.

Besides email, GreenOnline also aims to offer cancelations by phone, and is currently testing with the Voice Platform.


Engagement and Growth in Data

GreenOnline has been tracking data since they started using the platform (July 2022). A total of (approx.) 264.317 emails have been sent, and they have received 14 support requests.

When GreenOnline started using the CDP, the first upload contained 545 profiles. At this moment (January 2023), there are 71.803 profiles in the CDP.

The Devil in the Details

After an initial set-up and training period, Kees van Nuland is very impressed with Mobile Marketing Cloud. With the set-up done, the emails go out automatically. All GreenOnline has to worry about now, is optimizing its own content based on input and feedback. Though nothing is without its hick-ups: the GreenOnline team needed some time to get used to working with the platform.

All information seemed quite clear during the initial onboarding sessions, but we met some challenges once we had to actually do it ourselves. The devil is always in the details.

However, the support team is always happy to help and assisted GreenOnline while they got their emails up and running.

Your support team was always easy to reach and quick to respond. We always received help when we needed it, and our problems got solved quickly. There were zero moments where we really didn't know what to do.
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A Future Together

The collaboration with started when GreenOnline was looking for a good email solution for their customer base. Further down the road, it is clear that the Platform has a lot more to offer.

GreenOnline is currently testing cancelations by phone via Voice, but Kees van Nuland, CEO at GreenOnline, has more great ambitions for the future.

GreenOnline is looking to create a central hub for all its different domains, and Kees is also interested in offering cancelations via WhatsApp. The popular and mobile-friendly messaging channel would be very suitable for staying in touch with consumers on a personal level.

10 years from now, I cannot imagine that websites will still be used as they are being used now. The future is mobile. Offering a native GreenOnline app is also not the best solution, because why would a consumer first download an app to arrange a cancelation? People are already using WhatsApp, and meeting customers on the apps that they already use and are familiar with is very valuable.

When asked if he would recommend us to others, Kees stated:

I would definitely recommend others to check out the whole platform. There are so many products to choose from, there's always added value.

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