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Hello Paisa steps into conversational commerce with the WhatsApp Business solution and Mobile Service Cloud.

Driven by Solutionist Thinking

Hello Paisa, a market leader in the market of international money transfer in South Africa, is continuously seeking innovative ways to effectively address customer needs and provide a holistic enhanced customer experience, which led them to the WhatsApp Business Solution via

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Meet Customers Needs Quickly, Conveniently and Efficiently

Hello Paisa is upping the ante on conversational commerce by enabling consumers to use WhatsApp as a simple means to send money abroad as conveniently as texting a friend. 

Together with creating a seamless customer journey via a WhatsApp chatbot. Mobile Service Cloud is used to address incoming support queries from Hello Paisa & consumers. 

Mobile Service Cloud enables conversations via any channel whilst empowering support agents to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Simplifying the Process of Sending Money

The Hello Paisa international money transfer service is fast, affordable, safe and easy to use. Using WhatsApp also makes their money transfer service more affordable as customers can use wifi or data bundles instead of their SMS bundles.

Previously, it was a complicated process to send money from home. Now Hello Paisa built an easy-to-use money remittance process, focusing on safety, security and a reduction in the cost of data. Customers create a one-off account on their mobile. And there after the transactions can be created and completed via WhatsApp. In addition Hello Paisa customers can now obtain exchange rates, view transaction history, create or delete a recipient, and refer a friend via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API

Positive Impact of the WhatsApp Business Solution

Having recognised the powerful synergistic impact of the WhatsApp Business Solution on its existing money transfer offering, Hello Paisa chose as their solution provider. 

Moosa Manjra, chief executive of Hello Paisa said: "Our customers already use WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries. Now they can directly send money to these relatives while saving money too. Consumers can now create a transaction, request a call-me-back or speak to an agent via WhatsApp." 

Additional Value for Customers

When it comes to connecting, customers look to businesses who can meet their needs quickly, conveniently and easily. The WhatsApp Business solution empowers businesses to do exactly that, while simultaneously improving customer experience. The ability to initiate transactions through WhatsApp not only solves the problem of prohibitive data costs, but also translates into increased accessibility and greater inclusivity of Hello Paisa’s customer base. Solutionist thinking at its best! 

In addition, the WhatsApp Business solution allows Hello Paisa to generate leads, provide instant customer support, share useful information, manage conversations, and effectively engage with customers on a platform that they prefer. The WhatsApp Business solution is an especially useful tool in Africa, which is one of the fastest growing mobile markets. 

hello paisa as Strategic Partner

Throughout the customer journey, Hello Paisa has used products to engage with their customers. From awareness to customer retention, a number of solutions were integrated for true conversational commerce: 

  1. Transactional and marketing SMS Campaigns.

  2. Number verifier to reduce costs arising from false registrations 

  3. HelloPaisa WhatsApp chatbot to streamline KYC and transactions

  4. Customer Contact to provide agent based support where required

Experience Mobile Service Cloud & WhatsApp Business

Would you like to know how you can use the WhatsApp Business Solution with Mobile Service cloud? Go to the Mobile Service Cloud page or visit our WhatsApp Business Solution page for more information.

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