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Learn how Mahogany strengthened its relationship with its consumers and increased turnover by 242%.

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Meet Mahogany

Mahogany, a revolutionary company in the beauty sector for more than three decades, stands out as a leader in the production of luxury cosmetics, combining excellence, originality, and elegance.

Mahogany employs WhatsApp and email through Mobile Service Cloud and Mobile Marketing Cloud respectively to improve customer interaction and turn conversations into conversions.

Mahogany was founded in 1991 with a dream: Creating memorable products and beauty rituals for the body and home that awake vitality in each person - Brian Drummond, Mahogany Marketing Manager.


Understanding the Challenges

Mahogany's previous platform had several significant limitations;

- Communications were restricted to sending emails;

- Creating automations, such as navigation emails or abandoned cart recovery, required HTML development;

- High demand for support from the previous platform to make changes;

- Lack of autonomy to modify the layout;

- Lack of a proper targeting system;

- WhatsApp was needed for a direct connection with consumers. However, the previous platform did not offer support for WhatsApp Business Platform.

Creating templates in our old platform was extremely complex. It wasn't possible to change the base, segment the audience, or have access to information about the receipt and interaction of the consumer with the campaigns created - Bruna Mendes, E-commerce Coordinator at Mahogany.


Communication Without Barriers

Mahogany experienced a number of advantages when they implemented's solutions. Especially WhatsApp Business Platform shows significant results as a channel for customer service, communication, and interaction.

Detailed analysis shows that WhatsApp Business Platform has an average open rate of 59%, significantly outperforming email.


An Outstanding Campaign

Mahogany launched a campaign during Women's Day 2023, exclusively through email and WhatsApp. It resulted in a 242% increase in turnover compared to the previous year, and 49% of this was generated through the email and WhatsApp channels.

Today, we have a more agile and professional service within the WhatsApp tool through the Mobile Service Cloud. We can control message history, transfer calls and make internal notes for other team members - Andréa Vilas Boas - IT Manager.


Big Numbers, Big Business

After integrating WhatsApp and email through's solutions, Mahogany achieved remarkable results:

  1. +500,000 emails sent per month;

  2. +80,000 messages sent by WhatsApp per month;

  3. +439% new users;

  4. +117% new sessions

Achieved Results

Increased Revenue:

The Women's Day 2023 campaign saw revenue soar by 242% compared to the previous year. Almost half of this revenue (49%) was generated through email and WhatsApp channels.

Better Engagement on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp consistently achieves an impressive 59% message open rate. There has even been an instance where WhatsApp accounted for 28% of sales in just one day.

Higher Volume of Messages:

More than 80,000 messages are sent via WhatsApp every month, reflecting its growing popularity and impact.

Watch the Video on Mahogany's Success Story

Multiple Conversational Solutions on a Single Platform.

Through the Mobile Marketing Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud solutions, together with WhatsApp Business Platform, Mahogany can offer exceptional service to its customers and consultants where needed: e-commerce, direct sales, customer service, and in their own stores and franchises. Strengthening the company's relationship with its consumers through WhatsApp, allows for a conversational marketing approach.

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