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Museumnacht Amsterdam combines online and offline for the ultimate visitor experience


Responding to the Needs of Younger Generations

Goal of Museumnacht is to attract younger generations to museums and let them experience that these are also a place for them. During this night, they can visit 60 museums that offer a special program with workshops, music, and more. To align the online experience with this, they work with CM.com.

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Bringing Museums Closer to the World of Young Generations

Jordy, project leader at Museumnacht Amsterdam, sees a mainly facilitating role in getting younger people into the museum. Museums determine their own program that resonates with the target audience. "Hopefully, museums can build a long-lasting relationship and young people will return more often." Museumnacht started in 1999 and has grown into an annual sold-out event with around 30,000 tickets. Selling out each year is only possible by continuously tapping into the experiences of young people. In this digital world, they aim to keep innovating. Museumnacht found a partner in CM.com that helps with this.

The Experience Starts at the Queue

Museumnacht chose a broad package of CM.com solutions. Jordy explains why: "This way marketing, communication, branding, pre-sale and regular sales are completely connected." For Jordy, it's pleasant to work with because all ticketing is visible in one organized environment, and he can manage both data and communication in the same system. "In the past, we worked with exports and imports, but now I no longer have to worry about the risks of using different systems."

"We have a short one-hour pre-sale for which we send an SMS to our contacts via Mobile Messaging. After that hour, we move on to the regular sale. Everything within Ticketing is branded, including the waiting area. There's now a video with a message saying you'll be up in a few minutes. The experience starts in the queue, so it's great that we can handle this already right in the CM.com ticketing system."

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App for the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Museumnacht also uses the event app, where all information about the event is available in one place, on the mobile phones that the visitors always carry with them. This turns out to be effective. Jordy says, "We aimed for 10,000 downloads, a coverage rate of 1 in 3, so that someone in each group of visitors would have the app. But in the end, it was downloaded 15,506 times." In the app, Museumnacht provides the complete program, information pages for each museum, and a newsfeed, among other features. During the night itself, they mainly used the newsfeed and push notifications as a means of communication.

Geo-Based Push Messages and Crowd Control

For a large event like Museumnacht, with 60 different museums participating, big and small, crowd control is an important element. Crowd Connect, an integration with Appmiral (the event app), makes this much easier, according to Jordy. "When a museum becomes too crowded, we send push notifications to visitors near the museum to indicate that it's full. We can track this through Crowd Connect. It has worked very well, and we also see that these notifications are read promptly."

Crowd Connect is useful not only for managing crowd density but also for informing people about specific workshops or small events starting. Museumnacht uses it to inspire visitors to explore smaller museums nearby. "For example, we send a geo-based push notification to visitors near the Stedelijk Museum, suggesting that there are more beautiful locations to explore than just the biggest museum."


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Scanning at 60 Locations

Museumnacht faces an additional challenge. While festivals often have one entrance, this event has no less than 60 entrance locations. "We also have multiple types of tickets, for example, for daytime and evening. Additionally, not everyone is allowed to enter the opening freely. That makes it quite complex."

CM.com provided 2 hardware scanners per location, integrated with the ticketing software so that visitors could start their visit at each location. "Our 500 volunteers were supported by the CM.com team to assist if needed, which was very helpful."

Easy to Work With the Latest Tools

Museumnacht chose CM.com because, according to Jordy, "there are a lot of options, and they keep innovating." Additionally, user-friendliness proved to be a significant advantage for him. "The people at CM.com are approachable and direct. Their helpfulness is excellent. It's always a bit of a search when you start working with a new tool, but the onboarding process was very smooth. They really guide you through it."

Jordy is also enthusiastic about the interim contact during the ticket sales. "CM.com has a young team that understands what our target audience looks like. It's very reassuring that when I reach out for help, they immediately get what I'm talking about."

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More Personalization Is the Next Step

Jordy and his team have many plans. "I want to have more personalized contact with visitors. For example, I'm thinking of segmenting based on Amsterdam city districts, providing information about the visitor's route, and approaching a loyal visitor differently from a new visitor."

They also want to communicate through new channels. "For example, using WhatsApp." Improving the way they gather visitor feedback and connecting more information to visitor profiles is also important for Jordy. "This way, we can better cater to the needs of visitors. The possibilities are there; now it's up to us to make use of them."

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