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Mobile Service Cloud for Radio Listener Interaction

Interaction Incredibly Important for Modern Radio

Thanks to Mobile Service Cloud, interaction with listeners becomes easier for 100% NL and SLAM! DJs.

Easy & Accessible Communication

During the broadcast, a DJ in the studio wants to interact directly with the listener. Participation in a game or contest, or just to request a song.

To encourage interaction, you want to make it as easy as possible. And what is easier than WhatsApp? Most listeners also use WhatsApp with friends and family, so why not to send a message to the radio?

whatsapp business mobile service cloud

WhatsApp Business API and Mobile Service Cloud

Together with, RadioCorp made interaction as easy as possible for the DJs of 100% NL and SLAM!

WhatsApp Business API

SLAM! uses the WhatsApp Business API, allowing the DJs to receive hundreds of messages per broadcast via WhatsApp.

Mobile Service Cloud

At 100% NL, listeners can chat via the app. The Live Chat widget from Mobile Service Cloud is embedded in the 100% NL app. So far, the DJs are receiving around 15.000 messages per month.

Both radio stations now have much more insight into the messages. The DJs have a better idea of who the listeners are and what interests them.

More Accessible and Meaningful

Before RadioCorp partnered with, the DJs used a self-built chat in the app. Users had to register before they could chat. The registration often ended up in spam, making contact with the studio difficult.

Another major drawback? All messages were received as individual messages. In addition, only the last 100 messages could be viewed.

With the use of Mobile Service Cloud and the WhatsApp Business API, the messages have become part of real conversations. The DJs have insight into previously sent messages, but they can also respond within the same system. This makes it easier for them to ask a question on the radio, and wait for responses via WhatsApp or chat. For listeners, it has become easier to contact the DJs: simply via WhatsApp or Live Chat. No registration required.

The result?

Real interaction within the broadcast. 

Jeroen van der Plank, Technical Specialist RadioCorp:

"Previously, we used a self-built chat application. Users had to sign up, which proved to be a barrier for many. In this system, the messages came in 'individually'. With Mobile Service Cloud, they have become real conversations; there is genuine interaction within the broadcast."

Different Use Per DJ

Every DJ handles incoming messages in his or her own way. But for all DJs there's one thing that matters most: input from the listeners.

This way they can keep the broadcast interesting by involving the listener. They can also connect listeners, for example. Think of a live survey on the radio, based on listeners' opinions. messaging

Why is not the only provider of software to easily manage messages. Yet RadioCorp chose Mobile Service Cloud and's WhatsApp Business API.

The direct partnership allowed them to get up and running quickly. The versatility of the API helped them to display messages during "Visual Radio" as well. Incoming messages are then displayed on the screen.

  1. WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

  2. Versatile software and APIs

  3. Pleasant cooperation

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