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Nov 05, 2018
4 minutes read

GDPR for Mobile Marketing? How to Get Your Consent Right

Is May 25th, 2018 – the day the GDPR went into effect – a day you don’t particularly like to look back on? Many companies still believe it is difficult to be GDPR compliant when sending out marketing messages to customers. Quite a pity, because being GDPR-compliant can be quite easy, using this practical guide.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU-law aimed to protect the data and privacy of all citizens within the European Union (EU). The GDPR aims primarily to give individuals control over their personal data. 


Due to the GDPR, many companies are put off by concerns about privacy, spamming recipients, and the idea that they can’t collect phone numbers for mobile marketing. Companies assume this is not the time to start mobile marketing when the very opposite is true. Companies fear approaching customers via their mobile phone is seen as intrusive. However, if you know just how to use the many possibilities of mobile within the boundaries of GDPR, this will actually result in more engagement and higher conversion. So, how should you use mobile marketing to reach high conversion in compliance with GDPR?  

Practical guide: Mobile Marketing & GDPR

1. Extend current lead flows with a mobile phone number field and opt-in checkbox.

To make your existing forms GDPR proof while collecting mobile phone numbers for mobile marketing, you need to adjust two things in existing lead flows. First, you need to add the "mobile phone number" field. Secondly, you need to add an opt-in checkbox.

You will find consumers are willing to give you their mobile phone number if you clearly tell them the purpose and frequency of use. For this, you use the opt-in checkbox. Within the GDPR, consumers need to give their conscious consent by means of an opt-in, like for example a checkbox. So that means you can’t pre-check the checkbox.

To boost collecting mobile phone numbers for your mobile marketing campaign, you could also think of a giveaway. Outline the sign-up requirements and use an incentive such as a discount or exclusive online content in return for a mobile phone number. Don’t bother the visitor with a long-form with many fields, but only ask for the bare minimum like only first name and mobile phone number. 

2. Privacy Policy

Another important part of the GDPR is providing a clear Privacy Policy page on your website. On this page, you tell which personal data you collect and where you use it for. Write in clear and simple language and don’t forget to link to this page in your campaign.

3. Make Your Message Personal and Relevant

When communicating with customers, make sure the message you send is highly personalized and targeted. This prevents your message from being interpreted as intrusive or spam. Also, offer a clear and user-friendly unsubscribe option. It’s better to have a smaller database with people wanting to receive your message, than being perceived as spam.

4. Make Sure You Have an Opt-Out Management System in Place

To help companies sending SMS campaigns, an opt-out system is being created by for SMS. Depending on the country, the possibility for the recipient to unsubscribe from that specific marketing campaign is offered. This is done either by clicking on a short URL or sending STOP to a short code. 

When a customer opts out, this is only done for this specific sender and campaign. So not for other senders using the platform. This way, the opt-out only impacts marketing-related messages. You will still be able to send transactional messages, like notifications or reminders, since those messages have a legal interest to be sent. 

Not start sending mobile marketing messages because of doubts on how to implement the GDPR correctly is not necessary. On the Platform you will find all mobile solutions you need. You can combine these smart applications to boost conversion of your mobile campaigns and even have it GDPR proof.

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