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Ever since its launch, Mepal has been using's payment solutions to make online payments run seamlessly.

Mepal Has Relied on's Payment Methods for Years

At the beginning of 2018, Mepal rebranded. A new webshop of a new brand. At the same time, Mepal has completely rebranded its online payment methods. We spoke with Rob de Bruijn, E-commerce Manager at Mepal, about the role that e-commerce and easy online payment play these days.

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Mepal: Smart Products for All Good Moments in Your Life

Rob: "We make and sell smart products for storing and taking away food and drinks. We have been doing that for almost 70 years. Until 2018 we were known as Rosti Mepal. In 2018, we decided to split up the Rosti and Mepal brands, and continued on the website with a new integration of our payment methods. We went from a fairly straightforward Rosti Mepal brand to a more emotionally engaged Mepal brand. That's also the reason for our success, because it really fits in today's time.” 

Be Where Customers Are: Offline & Online

Mepal's success is about being where the customer is, Rob explains. "We have to make sure our products get to the consumer through the right channels. It's an open door that happens more and more online. We go along with that. So you can also find our products online. One of the online points of sale is our webshop, which we've had since 2014. 

"We're always there, wherever life takes you. For all those small, happy moments. So feel free to take us with you. We can't be broken. Because we're there for life."


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The Mepal Webshop

"We see that online plays an important role in Mepal's growth. Since the launch of the webshop in 2014, it's in no way comparable to how we work now. The webshop has doubled in size several times." Rob looks back.

"Mepal has been using's online payment solutions (Docdata Payments at that time) since the launch of the webshop. Rob: " is able to keep up with our growth and make sure that all online payments run smoothly. We can easily offer all payment products and methods that our customers expect through".

Easy Integration of Payment Methods

During the re-branding of the webshop in 2018, not only the corporate identity and brand positioning were taken into consideration. "We also re-integrated the payment methods completely at that time," says Rob: "Mepal is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with its own webshop. In the Netherlands, iDEAL payments are popular. In Germany, PayPal is very big. We are currently working on the integration of Klarna to have all the biggest payment methods covered. These are our most important online payment methods, and they run smoothly through".

Mepal continues to look ahead to respond to consumer needs in a timely manner. "For example, together with André van de Beek (Sales Manager at CM Payments), we are also looking at Mepal's growth in other countries so we can continue to grow together. André: "Mepal is a great brand, and a great customer to work for. With their innovative products and fast international growth, they make optimal use of all the possibilities of our payment platform".

It Does What It's Supposed to Do

"I also have experience with other Payment Service Providers in the past. And you learn from that," says Rob. "The process with went very smoothly . Fast switch. Easy contact. It does what it's supposed to do! That's why I'm so happy with our cooperation. We actually have as little contact as possible, which means it's going well."

"We recently built a new return module together," continues Rob. "Now refunds also runs automatically via the API, this saves on administrative actions. I've talked once to ask how it works and what we need to think about. And based on the clear API documentation and the simple integration and operation, all went well at once".

Rob: "Mepal doesn't do something innovative with our online payments, we do something that makes a lot of people happy. Including me as the person with final responsibility at Mepal, but also the consumer who buys something in our webshop. They can pay easily and effortlessly and refunds are automatic. Not exciting, but smooth. We just don't have to worry about our online payments, and that's what you want as a webshop. 

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