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Cash Register

The Cash Register Software for Your Event or Venue

A cashless mobile ordering & payment solution for your food, drinks, tickets, merchandise and more.

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The Solution You Are Looking For

Work Everywhere, Anywhere

In a split second transform any mobile device into a cash register and pin terminal.

Mobile and at the Bar

Let your visitors choose where to order, via their phone or at the bar, and receive all orders in one dashboard.

Combine With Communication Channels

Stay engaged with your visitors and employees by using WhatsApp and SMS for updates.

Unlimited Point of Sales

No license required, quickly create additional points of sales and users at no extra cost.

User-Friendly Interface

Interface created based on industry feedback to ensure efficiency and high turnover rate.

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User-Friendly & Quick Software

The bar is the place where you need to make a profit. Therefore your team should be able to quickly complete orders. Our software processes orders in no time and allows you to tailor the interface to your needs.

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    Change interface per bar or zone based on inventory.

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    Customize interfaces with colors and images.

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    Add products, categories, modifiers, descriptions, and more.

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    Process orders with lightning speed .


Turn Mobile Devices Into a Cash Register & Pin Terminal

Simply download the cash register and SoftPOS on any mobile device. Scale up during peak hours, finish transactions while walking over the site and more.

More About SoftPOS

Real-Time & Reliable Insights Into Everything

Discover the performance of each bar, team member, product, and more from one clear dashboard. Optimize accordingly by shifting bar members or inventory.

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    Choose your quick stats to analyze performance at a glance.

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    Give each bar a unique mobile page to keep track of its sales.

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    Receive a post-event evaluation report to optimize next editions.

Mobile Order

Let Visitors Order and Pay via Their Mobile Phones

Put visitors in control and let them order on their mobile phones. Share a QR code or integrate it into your app. Avoid queues and ensure that your visitors enjoy their visit to your event, match, festival, or venue to the fullest.

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    Reduce labor costs and easily estimate staffing.

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    Upsell additional products and boost your sales.

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    Collect data of your visitors (favorite drink etc.).

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    Design order environment in your look & feel.

More About Mobile Order

Combine With Sms & WhatsApp for Next Level Communication

Don't limit yourself to the real-life interaction at the bar. Stay in touch via mobile communication (SMS or WhatsApp) with both your visitors and your team to keep them engaged or informed. 

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    Fast onboarding by sending SMS with instructional video & login.

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    Engage your team by sending a thank you message or win action.

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    Crowd management by informing visitors about less crowded places.

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    Send a message to visitors when their drinks or food is ready.

Useful Features

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Pin login

Give each employee their personal log in code

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Deposit Module

Easily implement a circular recycling system by using the deposit button

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Currencies & Languages

Software supports all languages and currencies (so also tokens)

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Age verification

Verify the identity of visitors with age-related products

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Vouchers & coupons

Easily redeem (QR) codes for order discounts

But There Is More

24/7 Support

Our team provides 24/7 support and monitoring for all your payments.

Online & Offline

Software that works anytime, anywhere - even without Wi-Fi. All orders are automatically updated upon connection.

Rent the Required Hardware

No investment is required; rent the desired hardware, from robust cash register setups to pocket-sized sunmies, and from receipt, printers to pin terminals.



Discover All the Possibilities

Each event or venue requires a different application of our cash register software. Combine it with our marketing tools and ticketing. Contact our team, and we are more than happy to look together at the best solution to suit your needs. 

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