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How you can benefit from SMS Campaigns

SMS is one of the most reliable communication channels to reach out to your audience. SMS benefits from high delivery rates and opening rates as 95% of SMS messages are read within 30 seconds.

CM introduces SMS Campaigns: an intuitive online interface (WebApp) to easily send out SMS campaigns to any database. This solution is dedicated to non tech-savvy users that want to engage with their customers without using an API. Use the SMS marketing software of SMS Campaigns for marketing, customer engagement, product or brand promotion, promotional campaigns, communication and more.

The best of CM's technology: a reliable online platform, a certified experience in SMS, 24/7 monitoring and support, powerful analytics, and a simple pricing. Experience the CM platform and benefit from the CM Apps to generate the most profits with your SMS Campaigns.

    Set-up a campaign in just 10 minutes: upload your phone numbers database, compose your message and send. Visualise real-time delivery and interaction stats.
    With SMS campaigns, you'll gain access to all CM features. Discover our web apps to upload an manage your databases, create multi-channel campaigns and make in-depth analyses to improve the results of your SMS campaign.
    Efficiency and reliability is the key to success of your SMS campaigns. Therefore, we offer 24/7/365 support in connecting, routing and delivering your messages from our Network Operations Centre.

Insights that matter.
In one look:

  • Single paged overview of your campaigns
  • Detailed delivery and conversion rates
  • Recipients interaction data
  • In-depth messaging analysis (via the Analytics app)
Dashboard SMS Marketing campaign

How does SMS Campaigns work?

  1. Upload your database in the CM Platform
  2. Create your campaign and personalise your messages
  3. Test, save and schedule your message at your convenience
  4. Hit “Send”. You can count on the reliability of CM to deliver your SMS.
  5. Real-time access to your data and analytics
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Empower your SMS Marketing Campaigns


Personalised Messaging

The more customer details you have in your database, the more our system personalises your message.

Inbound SMS

Want to hear from your recipients? Thanks to this feature your audience can send a reply to your SMS campaign.


You want to interact with your user and for ask their opinion? Create surveys in your SMS and analyse your campaigns’ results.

Landing Pages

Customise your customer journey with landing pages. Add a dedicated landing page to your SMS for your customer to open for more information.

Smart Messaging

Are you looking for real-time interaction with your users? Or intelligent programmatic surveys? Discover SMS Campaigns.

Hybrid Messaging

Happy with the results of SMS? Make SMS part of your multi-channel communications. Try Hybrid: Push with SMS fallback.

SMS Campaigns Pricing

A fixed price per SMS and fixed monthly fee to enjoy the whole CM experience.

Prices per SMS sent to:
United Kingdom£0.0335 Start sending now

How to get started?

  1. Create your SMS marketing campaign

  2. Send your messages

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