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Contemporary art experience in Amsterdam and Barcelona

Moco Museum is an independent museum with a wide range of inspiring modern and contemporary (street) art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Barcelona, Spain. The collection contains works of proven artists with a unique vision. The museum aims to offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

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Moco Museum and Enhance Visitor Experiences

Iris Brouwer, General Manager of Moco Museum, saw great opportunities to increase the visitor experience: “Visitors today have higher demands of experiences. An ultimate customer experience is an important factor for success and engagement.” To meet these expectations, offering a unique, seamless experience was essential.

In the past, Moco had multiple vendors for ticketing, marketing, and service. Creating a seamless experience is challenging when working across various platforms. All these functions are now united with, allowing Moco to engage with their visitors before, during, and after their visit. 

Seamless visitor experience built a solid ticketing solution for Moco that is reliable and easy to use for visitors. To ensure optimal performance and up-to-date functionality for all our clients, we innovate and maintain the same code base driving all of our clients' ticket pages. Although they share the same core, we have customized Moco Museum's ticket page to match the visual style of their website for a seamless booking experience. "Tickets for MOCO are sold on our website, through our ticket page," explains Joep Metz of Moco Museum. "The ticket support is ideal; people can now even check their purchased ticket and change the date and time, which is amazing." supports Moco in providing the best ticket purchase online and offline. The museum in Barcelona has kiosks where visitors can easily buy tickets for their visit offline.

Joep also highly appreciates the benefits of the All-In-One Ticketing Solution by, which is designed specifically for the leisure industry and provides a user-friendly experience for visitors. "The channel manager enables museums and parks to sell tickets through third-party channels easily. We do not have to provide batches of barcodes or send and receive invoices from all these parties. In short: it saves us a lot of hassle."

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Increased Customer Engagement Using Mobile Marketing Cloud

Many of the online and offline visitor touchpoints of Moco Museum deliver data. For example, through online purchases, completing a survey, or redeeming a personal offer sent to the visitor via SMS or email. This data enriches profiles within the Customer Data Platform of Mobile Marketing Cloud. Through Mobile Marketing Cloud, communication with audiences can be personalized, and messages can easily be automated. By personalizing its messaging, Moco can better reach its audiences with relevant offers and information, thus increasing customer engagement and transactions. 

Transparent Processes for Customer Support

With the expansion of Moco to Barcelona, operations got more complicated. It is, therefore, essential that customer service is well-organized to keep customer satisfaction high. With Mobile Service Cloud, Moco Museum has a scalable solution to support customer service. A chatbot captures initial inquiries through various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. They can then be directed to a staff member, as personal contact is essential for more complex issues. Mobile Service Cloud provides a complete and transparent overview to keep the different teams within the organization aligned. This way, processes are optimized, and by supporting visitors in a timely and organized manner, Moco can deliver an even better visitor experience.

Although customer support is an essential part of the Attractions Ticketing solution, additionally, there are many things visitors want to be able to manage themselves. Visitors can change the date and time of tickets themselves using our Ticket Support Page. In addition, the Refund Request Tool has streamlined the process, significantly reducing the time visitors spend sorting out a refund. 

A Complete Visitor Journey

Joep Metz is thrilled with the implementation of the new platform. "The high service level and expertise played an important role in our choice for We can now virtually design the entire ticketing customer journey using, for example, Mobile Marketing Cloud. The fact that we can arrange all this via one supplier is simply very advantageous and adds to the experience of our visitors." He adds: "We used to work with four different parties to sort out ticketing, payments, and analytics. We now have ticketing, payments, Mobile Service Cloud, and Mobile Marketing Cloud under one roof at I think the total package of gives us a big advantage. It is very beneficial for a seamless experience."

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Understanding the needs of the industry

Iris Brouwer also sees major benefits for the engagement with their audiences: “With’s marketing solutions, we have gained a much better understanding of who our visitors really are, and we are constantly learning how to reach our target audience even better.”

Moco Museum is a contemporary museum that wants to offer visitors a memorable experience. understands the needs of the industry as well as visitor requirements. In this case, this resulted in an innovative partnership with a museum that wished to respond to visitors’ needs in these modern times and excel in delivering a great customer experience.

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