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Moco Museum in Brief

The Ticketing of Global Ticket was only the start of our partnership with the Moco Museum. Before, the museum had multiple suppliers for their marketing and service solutions, whereas now everything is sorted with Joep Metz of the Moco Museum tells us about his experience with Global Ticket and the other solutions of

'Modern and contemporary'

"'Moco' stands for Modern and Contemporary art with artists like Banksy, THE KID, Kusama, Warhol, and many more," explains Joep. "The Moco Museum started in 2016 and in 2019 we had 640,000 visitors."

The Basics, Solid Ticketing

Essential to the success of the Moco Museum is a solid online ticketing solution that is both reliable and easy to use for visitors. To ensure optimal performance and up-to-date functionality for all our clients, we innovate and maintain the same code base which drives all of our clients' ticket pages. So the core is the same, but we have customized the Moco Museum's ticket page to match the visual style of their own website for a seamless booking experience.

What is your experience with the product and ticket support?

"The ticket sales on our website, so through your ticket page," begins Joep of the Moco Museum. "We never hear anything about that, because it always works properly. The ticket support you provide is ideal. It just saves us a lot of time and visitors are very positive about it. The fact that people can now look up their own ticket and change the date and time of their ticket is also amazing."

Moco Museum

Innovation Through Dedication

Our customers are the main source of inspiration for innovating our product. That's how we make sure our Ticketing solution works now, but more importantly, that it will work in the future. 

The Moco Museum keeps innovating. For example, they are currently setting up the Mobile Marketing Cloud. This will allow them to communicate with their visitors in an automated and personalized way through channels such as SMS, e-mail, and WhatsApp. They will also use Payments to handle online payments and the Mobile Service Cloud to provide excellent customer service. as 'One-stop shop'

"I think the total package that Global Ticket now offers, in combination with the other products of, gives you a big advantage", says Joep of the Moco Museum. "In addition, your channel manager is an easy solution for many museums and parks to sell tickets through third-party channels. We do not have to provide batches of barcodes or send and receive invoices from all these parties. In short: it saves us a lot of hassle. I cannot say it often enough: the total solution that you offer is simply very interesting. Before, we worked with four different parties to sort out everything concerning ticketing, payments, and analytics. When everything is implemented, we will have ticketing, payments, and the Mobile Marketing Cloud under one roof at".

personal message

360° Profiles Using the CDP

There are many online, but also offline touchpoints for visitors of the Moco Museum with which profiles can be enriched that are stored in the CDP. Online purchases, completing a survey, or redeeming a personal offer sent to the visitor via SMS or e-mail are all examples of moments where a profile is enriched with relevant information.

  1. Database with rich visitor profiles

  2. Personalized communication

  3. Automated messages using workflows

  4. Reach your visitors with direct messaging

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Self-Service Support

Customer support is an important part of the Global Ticket solution. Personal contact is important for complex issues, but there are many things visitors want to be able to manage themselves.

Visitors can therefore change the date and time of tickets themselves using our Ticket Support Page. In addition, the Refund Request Tool has streamlined the process of a refund, significantly reducing the amount of time visitors spend sorting out a refund.

A Complete Customer Journey

"Not only your specialism, but also the high service level, played an important role in our choice of the Global Ticket product of In addition, we can now virtually design the entire ticketing customer journey using, for example, the Customer Data Platform. The fact that we will soon be able to arrange so much via one supplier is simply very advantageous," Joep concludes.

A Complete Ticketing Experience for Your Museum or Park?

Communicate directly and personally with your visitors from the moment of purchase until after their visit with's complete solution. Choose user-friendly Ticketing as a basis and combine it with our marketing and service solutions. Want to know more?

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