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How and Révolt are growing together by bridging the gap between tech and the event industry.

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Ticketing Provider That Gets the Changing Event Industry

For a few years, Révolt Events has worked with Aziz Yagoub from Révolt says, "My partners at know what I need as an event organizer; they think along with me. More and more innovative possibilities are coming up that help me as an organizer, and we expect a lot from the future."

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Quick Communication and an Equal Organization

Révolt organizes summer festivals and indoor events in Rotterdam and surrounding areas, such as Expedition, REC., Vrije Volk, and Kralingse Bos Festival. Meanwhile, they have been working with for a few years. "Everyone is so approachable. We are an equal organization, not hierarchical, and I see that at as well. They are all cool, young, social people who know the event industry well. It's nice when your ticketing partner has your back. I appreciate that enormously". Aziz's colleague Phuong Anh Ho adds: "They are helpful. If I can't work something out, I know they will take care of it."

Interpreter Between Tech and Events

"A few years back, invested in colleagues who have been in the event business for years, bringing in the right knowledge and experience. That is a good thing! After all, SMS and ticketing are two completely different worlds, and I need a ticketing partner who knows what the event industry needs." says Aziz. "An interpreter who, on the one hand, translates tech for me into understandable language and how I can best deploy it. But on the other hand, I can also pass on wishes that the industry has, which they put out internally. In this way, continues developing the products and connecting better and better with the market."

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Besides festivals, Révolt also has venues such as Perron, Citrusveiling, and Annabel. They notice visitors are now ready to party, as was evident when they reopened with the pop podium, Annabel. Phuong: "That was a bit of a roller coaster. Five hundred people were looking for tickets immediately. The dashboard refreshes every ten seconds to see exactly how the sales are going. How many people have a ticket in their basket or are in the shop. You can see in real-time how successful your campaign is. From this information, we get a lot of insights for future events."

From 0 to 200

During the corona pandemic, the entire event industry came to a standstill for two years. "Now we have to go from 0 to 200 in one go". Aziz notes that this year will be a bit crazy. "Before 2020, the event industry was pretty saturated; it was a difficult market to enter. But because of all developments, it's completely redesigned." Digitization, refunds, and vouchers have shaken the industry. Aziz says the public has many tickets in their pockets from all vouchers issued over the past two years. "Those tickets are all being redeemed now. We were big fans of refunds instead of vouchers. Through, we could easily refund our visitors. That's an advantage." Who got which ticket refunded is all stored in the Customer Data Platform. So now Révolt can easily approach these visitors with a new offer. This, in turn, saves on marketing costs. And as for the industry, Aziz expects it to get back on its feet. "It will all resolve itself. We're going full steam ahead." 

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Digitalization on the Rise

With the cancellation of events in 2020 and 2021, event organizers had to get creative and find other solutions. The added value of digitization gained momentum. Phuong gives an example: "During the protest action 'De Nacht Staat Op' we had to close at 2 o'clock by order of the municipality. Aziz gave a nice speech at the time in which he indicated how disappointed we were and that we were going to compensate visitors. We had scanned tickets and were able to find out who had been there. We sent those visitors a text message with an offer for another evening or weekend."

Data for Marketing

"We are not only working with because of the great cooperation. We also find it very convenient that they can facilitate data gathering and mobile marketing. If you combine these two well, it makes a difference in other costs and expenses. For example, we have stopped outdoor advertising and are focusing on data collection to communicate more 1-to-1 with our visitors, for example, through WhatsApp. I'm very much a fan of modernization, and offers that." Aziz mentions a voice campaign as an example of combining services. "We recorded a voice message together for an ADE event. All visitors received a phone call to get into the vibe. I voiced it and called out: get together."

Nevobo customer succes story

Your Branding & Design

Next year, Aziz and Fufu want to focus even more on WhatsApp messaging and customize the look and feel of the communication more. "We want to provide all visitors with good information. But when they get a ticket, everything still looks pretty standard. At, you can design everything yourself with a drag & drop editor, from emails to the ticket shop and from ticket layouts to landing pages. We will adapt that more into our corporate identity to get everyone into the event's mood."

Full Speed Ahead

Phuong also sees many opportunities in's marketing flows. You can use them to reach visitors with the right message at the right time, via SMS, email, phone, or other channels. "I would find it very cool if we could keep someone who has purchased a ticket informed with an automatic but personalized flow. That's efficient for us but especially nice for the visitor! The platform is user-friendly, and all customer data is already there. So I'm going to start working on that soon. We will train our colleagues to get much more out of our ticket data and approach our visitors more personally." Again, Aziz emphasizes: "Full steam ahead."

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