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PaySpace Customer Story

PaySpace teams up with for their first-in-the-industry employee self-service channel called Pacey through WhatsApp.

payspace customer story

Empowering Businesses With PaySpace

PaySpace is a leading cloud-native payroll and HR software solution that has been providing innovative and efficient services since its launch in 2007. With over 11,000 customers across 42 countries, PaySpace focuses on delivering benchmark products that cater to organizations of all sizes.

Their platform offers a highly secure, flexible, and user-friendly experience, allowing users to access relevant and valuable information anytime and from anywhere. Unlike legacy payroll and HR systems, PaySpace removes the challenges associated with accessibility and provides a solution that is accessible from any device.

Overcoming Payroll Distribution Challenges

One of the major challenges in the payroll industry was the distribution and cost of distributing paper-based payslips. Due to the blue-collar workforce not having email addresses and the ability to log on to traditional employee self-service platforms, finding an effective solution was crucial. They needed an innovative way to provide their clients' employees with easy access to their payslips while ensuring privacy and security.

Modernising Payroll Through WhatsApp

PaySpace partnered with as their meta business partner for the WhatsApp Business Platform to overcome these challenges. By leveraging WhatsApp's widespread usage and popularity among employees, PaySpace introduced a first-in-the-industry employee self-service called Pacey through WhatsApp. This solution allowed employees to conveniently access and manage their payslips using a platform they were already familiar with and used on a daily basis.

On top of obtaining their payslips in PDF or text, employees are able to access the following features via Pacey:

  • Apply for leave.

  • Submit a claim.

  • Request tax certificates.

  • Approve inbox items.

  • View current leave balance.

  • View personal information.

  • Automated birthday and work anniversary messages.

PaySpace's decision to choose as their meta business partner for WhatsApp Business was influenced by several factors, including local presence, a favourable pricing model, and ease of integration. The collaboration with the local team in South Africa has been exceptional. Warren van Wyk, co-founder and director at PaySpace.

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PaySpace's Success in Simplifying Payslip Access

The integration of PaySpace's software with the WhatsApp Business Platform brought significant benefits to both employers and employees.

  1. Improved Accessibility: With WhatsApp's mobile-friendly interface, employees gain easy access to their payslips from anywhere using their smartphones. This eliminated the need for email addresses or access to traditional self-service platforms, making it convenient for the blue-collar workforce.

  2. Enhanced Security and Privacy: By leveraging WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption and security features, PaySpace ensured that sensitive payroll information remained protected from unauthorized access for their clients.

  3. Cost Savings: Shifting from paper-based payslips to WhatsApp-based delivery significantly reduced distribution costs for PaySpace and its clients. The elimination of printing, postage, and other associated expenses resulted in substantial savings.

  4. Streamlined Payroll Management: The integration of WhatsApp as an employee self-service channel streamlined the entire payroll management process. Employers could efficiently distribute payslips, while employees could easily access and track their payment information.

PaySpace's success story emphasizes the importance of digital transformation in the payroll industry and highlights the need for other software providers to adopt channels such as WhatsApp Business. PaySpace's expansion into the Brazilian market further demonstrates the exciting potential to leverage WhatsApp features through, enabling them to bring this innovative solution to a new audience and continue their journey of digital transformation. - Rudi Deim, Senior Business Development Manager at

payspace customer story

Empowering Employees With Pacey Announcement Feature

PaySpace understands the importance of personalized communication for businesses. That's why they've developed the Pacey Announcement Feature, enabling their clients to enrich their employees' experience through customized messages.

With this new feature (launching June 2023), employees will receive a structured message containing an invitation to read an announcement. By simply tapping on the "Read Announcement" button within WhatsApp, they can access the complete message. This ensures that your employees stay informed and engaged with the latest updates from their organization.

Whether you want to share company-wide announcements, policy changes, or exciting news, the Pacey Announcement Feature empowers businesses to deliver tailored messages directly to their employees' devices, continued Warren.

The Pacey Announcement Feature is just one example of PaySpace's dedication to providing innovative solutions within the Payroll and HR industry.

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