Vecozo: Idin and Sign for Healthcare Providers

In addition to physical identification and contract signing, VECOZO deploys iDIN and Sign.

Agreement With Vecozo

VECOZO, the Dutch national communication point for healthcare, provides a secure and high-quality digital environment in which healthcare chain parties can exchange administrative data. VECOZO has grown rapidly and laws and regulations have changed. Therefore, renewal was needed.

From Paper to Digital

VECOZO has started renewing agreements with its users. Now it is the turn of 50,000 healthcare providers, from the dentist on the corner to the specialist hospital. "Of course we want to help them through the process as easily as possible," says Johan Boons, innovation manager at VECOZO.

Previously, much went by mail. To save costs and time, VECOZO started looking for alternatives to physical sending and signing. Johan: "Previously, it could take up to 28 days to complete the entire registration process. With iDIN, this can now be done in ten minutes. In addition, the registration process has been digitized. It's a lot more efficient and therefore cost-saving. Moreover, we want to offer a higher level of security. Not only because of legislation, but also because of our client's demand

Now, a link can be sent via e-mail to the portal containing the agreement that will be presented for signature. Before accessing that online environment, the user must be authenticated via iDIN. After this, he can view the document and sign via Sign." 

About iDIN

iDIN uses the trusted and secure login method of one's own bank. Thus, online identification is now both highly reliable and user-friendly. iDIN provides additional security about the customer's identity. This significantly reduces the risk of identity fraud or incorrectly entered data.

About Sign

With Sign, you make it easier to sign contracts. Easily upload documents, sign and send them to co-signers to sign. Want more security? Identify the signer at the time of signing with our advanced signing solution.

customer story vecozo

Collaboration With was approached as a supplier for iDIN, the secure online identification method through the bank. In initial discussions, it quickly became clear that might be able to do more in this process. " recognized and understood our challenge. They indicated that, in addition, they were developing an online signing solution: Sign. This, in addition to iDIN, matched our needs perfectly," said Johan.

Digital Optimization

Cooperation was quickly found. VECOZO and jointly evaluated the existing processes, both practical and technical. These were then converted to a fully digital process. Thus VECOZO has contributed to the development of Sign, which in turn benefits other customers.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO "For it is important to be able to work with customers who are actively involved in the development of final products and services. This ensures that our products match the actual demands in the market. Innovation is cleverly combining existing techniques into new successful applications. VECOZO does this by deploying identification solution iDIN, communication channels, and digital signing as enrichment on VECOZO's existing business applications." 

vecozo customer story

Involving Partners

VECOZO will use iDIN in combination with Sign. Customers can also still opt for physical identification.

"Ultimately, the choice of iDIN or physical identification remains with the healthcare provider," explains Jan-Hein Willemse, director of VECOZO. "The convenience, time savings, and cost savings in using iDIN and Sign align perfectly with VECOZO's vision."

In addition, VECOZO uses's Mobile Marketing Cloud to inform supply chain partners through mobile communication channels quickly.

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